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Life Support Food Manufacture: Bugs

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I understand that the details of Kerbal biology are left mostly ambiguous, but as a pillar of Kerbal is teaching people about real human spaceflight I would suggest that there be some quips about bugs or bug-like creatures being farmed on Kerbal colonies in KSP2. Bugs are a valuable source of food for humans in space and (as a university student conducting research on the topic) I think that we should be eating a lot more insects in the future. It would be wonderful if KSP2 would show Kerbals to have not just a completely vegan diet, but an insectitarian diet too.

Also, in real life insects are major pollinators of plants and they are great decomposers of soil, their byproducts act as an amazing fertilizer and the indigestible chitin from their exoskeletons can be extracted and processed into chitosan, a building material. I think that Kerbals should have similar bug-like creatures to accompany them on their space adventures, so that KSP players can learn what insects can provide us in real life space exploration!

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