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A mod to disable or deafen the water interaction sound. No More Earrapes

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So I think were all very very very tired of destroying our speakers and our ear drums whenever we touch the water so could someone please* make a mod to deafen the game's water sounds by a lot. This would be much obliged.


*like pretty please with a cherry on top

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Every modder started by coming up with something they wanted to see in the game.  They saw nothing existed so they made it themself.

Many modders had zero skills when they started.  However they had an idea and wanted to see it happen.

Now it has been the case that VERY rarely someone is just sitting around saying "man I'd love to volunteer my time to make a mod, if only someone could give me an idea".  But personally I've never seen this happen.

There are tons of resources  to help someone get started.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with :D

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