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I am Commanding General Gray Death of the Cursed Legion Mercenary company. (Nifty thing. When you found a Merc unit, you can give yourself any rank you want. :] lol) I am still very new to Kerbal Space Program. I'm still working on finding my "groove" with the design theory. I registered when I first tried KSP. (When the current version was 0.14) But I had some serious issues getting a computer that would run it. I just got a new Desktop a few days ago. I downloaded KSP 0.13 before I even installed my AV programs. Yes. I'm a bit obsessive. For now, I'll just have to apologize for any posts requesting mods for 0.13. That's all I have at the moment. The KSP Dev team have made a physics engine that would do NASA proud. That alone makes them worthy of great respect. So much so that, in fact, I refuse to pirate their work. I'll be buying the latest release eventually. Just have to get a bit more solvent first. Also, to those that are making military vessels... I'll be trying to recruit you to help take over the galaxy eventually. ;) Until then... Let's build some ridiculous rockets!

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That would be awesome Gray Death :D

Basically no plugins will work, so all those are right out, plus any add-on that relies on persistence but most of those require plugins anyway.

NovaPunch 1.1alpha will work, as should the old Failcan rocket from cbbp.

Also try Wacky Wood Wares and the WEKA lifeboat.

Plus the Gemini may still be okay and the amphib gear

But for those floats you will also want wings :)

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Unfortunately, something got corrupted in my Parts folder. This caused the KSP application to hang on loading at a part that didn't exist to delete. So. I'm re-downloading 0.13.3 and re-modding it. Good news is that I bookmarked all the mods as I found them again. :) Phase 1 of the Mod repository is now complete.

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