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What did you do in KSP today?


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I completed my first truly space built station. By that I mean I built a small station that was mostly storage tanks from orbital construction, then I built a new station with it.

4 standard docking ports, 3 senior ports, 1 dual port, 1 tri port and one quad port. Houses 16 kerbals, 17 if you don't mind one living in the command module. Capable of storing 1600 parts for future constructions. I am calling it complete but I do want to add a kethane tank or two and refinery to it. This way I can refuel it from my mun/minmus drilling sites instead of Kerbin.


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I am half tempted to ask you for the craft file for that thing... But it appears to me that you use some mods that I do not and well... Even with my pruning of unused parts (like the half dozen antenna in AEIS or the landing struts in nova punch) I am still at the limits of what I can use for mods ><

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The mosquito has evolved! Bigger solar panels so it can convert and drill at the same time, and larger tank now produces a total profit of 865 LF + 1230 Ox per trip!



I would very much appreciate you posting the files for this in the Spacecraft Exchange Forum

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Started version 21.1 today. Mapped for Kethane Kerbin, Mun and Minmus.



Landed Charlie Kerbin on Minmus, Bill Kerman on the Mun with Jedidiah and Bob Kerman piloting a truck/tanker in High Orbit above Kerbin.

Landscape is much more detail or crisp. Nice :-)

BJ Quest


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Just to test the design in the demo, I flew this to Mun, orbited Mun, and return to a aerobraking landing. It used all fuel but a short thruster burn completed the return.


Correction burn to fix planar alignment.


Orbiting Mun


Return Burn


The maneuver for a direct return to aerobraking and landing.


Mission report.


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Operation LKO-Mun has been a complete success, so I figured it was time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.


Here we can see the brave cosmonauts of the Mun Base "Desbert's Desert" taking off to see the sights of the fantastic cratered mess that surrounds them. Cmdr. Desbert opted to stay behind, as did his second-in-command, mostly because someone had to draw the short straws otherwise for riding the 6-Kerbal rover.

Elsewhere on the Mun, the Kethane operation has brought around 5 full orange tanks' worth of fuel to the orbiting Mun Station "Bervin's Flame" and close-to-home LKO Station "Jeb's Hideaway", and the Fuel Tug has settled in for another day of harvesting fuel from the Mun Kethane Extractor. A geosynchronous satellite array was recently launched back on Kerbin, and is 1/3rd synchronized so far. Otherwise, for the first time in 4 days, KSC mission control has a proper break in the action before they need to pay attention to any flights, so guiding a rover tour of the Mun's fantastic new craters is well in order.

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The mosquito has evolved! Bigger solar panels so it can convert and drill at the same time, and larger tank now produces a total profit of 865 LF + 1230 Ox per trip!

I truly admire the organic design process at work here! :D

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Jebediah has been living out of his car for over a week.

But today, the first hab module was finally arriving.

Bill: "Hi Jeb. We are just about to commence deorbit burn. We will be with you shortly.:)"

Bill and Bob were coming! And Dontop and Seetop and all those other guys.

Jeb hopped in the mun-car and drove over to watch the descent.


The hab module site was marked with a KSC flag. The landing was bang on target, and flawless, squashing that flag.

Here Jeb is watching the landing system fly of. It will end up in an orbit that goes just inside of Eve's.


Seetop Kerman, a veteran of Mun Base One, had been riding in the airlock, and jumped straight out.

He replaced the crushed KSC flag with a new Prograde City flag. Note how it has something like the KSC symbol, but slightly different.

Now I have eight kerbals on the Mun, celebrating their arrival, and making a toast to the future of the City on The Mun!


(Well, more of a small town.)

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Docked my Modular Propulsion Unit (Large) onto the Pueblo Bonito. Got the gas can in orbit too - that'll be next in line. Then all I've got to do is decide where I'm going, build a lander for that place, and dock it on the nose. We'll be ready to rock after that.

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