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Photos of Yuri Gagarin

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Some of the captions (my Russian's not the best):

1: Smolensk Oblast. The house in which Yuri Gagarin was born.

2: Smolensk Oblast. Yuri Gagrin (1st left) among the members of a volleyball team in 1950.

3: (kinda fuzzy on this one) Yuri Gagarin at some sort of casting machine in a factory named Utomski operated by the Lyuberetski forging guild.

4: Yuri Gagarin by his first airplane, a Yak-18 in 1955.

5: Yuri Gagarin swimming in the Volga in 1955.

6: Yuri Gagarin and his wife Valentina in 1957.

7: Yuri Gagarin, his wife Valentina, and daughter Lena in 1959.

8: Yuri Gagarin and Sergei Korolev, 1961.

9: Yuri Gagarin before his space flight, 1961.

10: Launch of the spaceship "Vostok-1", April 12, 1961.

11: Yuri Gagarin and Nikita Khrushchev, April 14, 1961.

12: Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR Yuri Gagarin, 1965.

13: Yuri Gagarin dressed as a Musketeer with his daughters Gala and Lena and Ira Kamarova before New Year's, 1965.

14: Pilot-cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and Aleksey Leonov on a hunt, 1966.

15: Yuri Gagarin and his daughter Lena on an outing, 1965.

16: Funeral of Pilot-Cosmonaut and Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel Yuri Gagarin and Hero of the Soviet Union Engineer-Colonel Vladimir Seregin.

17: Burial place of Yuri Gagarin in the Kremlin wall

18: Place of death of Yuri Gagarin, Vladimirskaya Oblast

19: Favorite car of Yuri Gagarin, a black "Volga" GAZ-21 in a museum in Gagarin City (formerly Gzhatsk), 2001.

20: Moscow. Memorial to the first cosmonaut, 1980.

21: (no caption)

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Report of the chief designer of the future Special Design Bureau and the creator of the spaceship "Vostok" Sergei Korolev, dedicated to the problems of rocket flight into the stratosphere, was written on the birthday of Gagarin, March 9, 1934. :)

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in the USSR, I doubt such would have been coincidence. EVERYTHING was choreographed for maximum propaganda effort (so would not be at all surprising if they changed the official birth records of one or the other so they'd coincide).

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