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I dunno if anyone knows this but theres an annoying bug with a USI module. The weight distributable cargo I believe it is. if you right click say for example the "ranger anchor hub" and enable weight transfer, it banns you from entering connected living spaces or pods attached to it or any mannable unit past the point the "weight transfer enabled" part is located in your base. it took me FOREVER to figure out that THAT was causing the problem... I destroyed & rebuilt my base 3 times..... so much wasted time...... so yea just a heads up if you are unable to select a mannable USI part during crew transfer, THATS why. Turn the option off and all is well. You can enter your pods again. No need to blow up your base.

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On 3/10/2017 at 7:25 PM, Mikeloeven said:

Does anyone have TweakScale configs for the USI mods?

I did some for the StarLifter parts but I'm no expert.  They work, I just don't know for sure that I did them "properly".  I also don't know if RoverDude would approve so I can PM them to you if you want.

I was coming about a couple of those parts actually.  Is anyone aware of fuel flow issues with the 5m to four 2.5m or four 5m parts?  It seems like after reloading if I have four fuel tanks connected, some of them won't be connected to the other tanks while one or two still are.  I've been able to reliably reproduce this but before I got all crazy with the bug reporting I figured I'd find out if I'm just doing something wrong.  Basically, I have a tank, the adapter, and four more tanks.  In VAB fuel flow looks fine.  When I launch at least one tank will not be part of the flow anymore.  If I save and reload then it can be visualized.  The example I just described had 3 tanks isolated and one tank still flowing correctly after saving and reloading.

Is this a known issue?  Is there maybe something I'm doing wrong?  This happens with USI tanks, stock tanks, KW tanks, KSPIE, etc.  Doesn't seem to matter.  I thought maybe there was a config option that might be doing it but I'm not able to see anything off the bat.  I'm happy to do any further testing or troubleshooting if it helps.

Edit:  So I was looking at it some more and maybe my description is wrong.  It seems like the bottom tanks become feeder tanks so maybe I need to set fuel flow manually?  Not sure how to do that or if it's possible.  Here are the fuel flows from the VAB if it helps visualize.  Hopefully this doesn't make it more confusing. 

In VAB this is how the fuel flow looks on every tank before saving and reloading the vessel:


After saving and reloading, all of the tanks look the same as above except three of the tanks on the USI adapter.  They look like this:


The other tank on the USI adapter looks normal.  Hopefully that helps.  Am I doing something wrong?  The 4-way adapter at the bottom seems to work fine so I'm thinking this is a bug maybe?



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Hello everyone, I have a question about how to remake that Launchpad used Rocket Parts in USI Mod and other mods?

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