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2nd KRF Formula K Championship


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My FAR competitor, based on Formula One cars from back in the glory days of racing. Driven by Emerson Kerman.

it looks more 1990s than 70s/80s

IMO the 90s/early 2000s were the golden age of F1 probably because i grew up watching my favorite drivers Schumacher, Hakkinen, Barrichello, Mansell, Hill, Coultard, Villeneuve, Webber and the list goes on...

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Anyway Here's my FAR submission for race 3 the Fry Racing TF-14/2


Mass: 0.927t (empty(dry) no driver)

Down force: 5 small control surfaces (4 Front, 1 rear) 2 large control surfaces (Rear Wing)

Top speed: Varies between 32-42m/s

Safety: Rollover protection, Front and rear protection, side protection SAFETY RATING 4.5/5 this car can withstand a front impact 2x its top speed

Notes: this car was built for safety and probably is the safest open cockpit car of its kind.

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any tips or comments are more than welcome

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Race Three!


.TRK is here.

Go for it, everyone!

Current Championship Standings:

1st: CaptainGiblets - 20 points

2nd: GROOV3ST3R - 16 points

3rd: Kyrian - 10 points

4th: burnoutforzai - 7 points

5th: zhollett - 6 points

6th: Starwhip - 5 points

7th: mrmcp1 - 4 points

8th: DaPatman - 3 points

9th: The_Rocketeer - 1 point

10th: UpsilonAerospace - 0 points

11th: Wanderfound - 0 points

12th: Im The One - 0 points

13th: Agent30632 - 0 points

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I'm about to enter a lap time for Race 2 but I have a question. This may have been answered before, but I don't care:

Are we allowed to adjust wing angles in between races?

Edit: Here is my lap time. I was moving a small amount when I took the first picture, but I hope it's minor enough that I won't be disqualified.

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Final Time: 2:03

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Lap Time Posted
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KRG Formula K has decided too step out of the FAR leader board and focus on the stock championship. The reason hasn't officially been announced but rumors say that their wind tunnel doesn't meet spec with FAR but others say that they simply just ran out of time. The team boss, Ron Kennis, has said that their wind tunnel is up too spec with FAR and they had time, its just that it would be hard too focus on two cars, he said a day later.

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I'm back!! Again...

This time, my internet was cut off for a few weeks. Finally got it back today so expect a new entry coming soon.

But I DID also spot a major design flaw in my car. It had TWO rcs tanks, mirrored into each other. So I will be re-submitting my car if that's okay with you, this time actually following the regulations.

I thought that it was odd when lowering RCS by 5 lowered it by 10 on the runway.....

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Good evenin'. Saw this thread and... well, it's now 4:30 AM and I've got 3 cars ready to go, which one is more of a muscle car(!). Tomorrow shall be the day I hit the circuit, so I'm wondering... Does the persistent trails work with .90?

Also, seeing how you can reach popping point of tires (60 m/s) with control surfaces on, I assume the "Open class" still has the regulation of control surfaces being disabled? If not, I foresee a lot of "Faceplant that wall" type of braking. Or is this just added fun value, as we all know people watch certain racing genres just for the crashes (and if it is, I should propably provide highlight reel?). :D

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So in testing 5th iteration got the track 3 in around 1:30 time, tomorrow oughta see the unveiling of the car and the time. Might even do something silly like record few of the runs on a video. I do have a slight issue that does cause some annoyances and... some quite hilarious situations.

I have mini-krakens appearing. And not once or twice that could be accounted for the track either. I've had them completely flip the car, and right a car that's almost rolling. No idea why, I've got absolutely no mods installed as it is... Oh well, I suppose brain might work at morning... Or evening, as it's now 8 AM... Curse KSP! ;.;

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