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  1. From today until the 29th, I will not be able to post any lap times due to a vacation. That's about it
  2. Tried to make a space shuttle in 0.90 Sandbox. It failed horribly so far. There's still hope, however!
  3. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but it seems some swimming animations have been added. When you regain control after going ragdoll in the water, your kerbal flails his arms a bit to turn him upright. Also, the swimming animation seems to be new, but I can't confirm that.
  4. Well. After quite a while, I read the latest entry. And the story is still great! It is just a bit confusing because of the names I have not heard of. I'm too lazy to catch up on the story.
  5. I'm about to enter a lap time for Race 2 but I have a question. This may have been answered before, but I don't care: Are we allowed to adjust wing angles in between races? Edit: Here is my lap time. I was moving a small amount when I took the first picture, but I hope it's minor enough that I won't be disqualified. Final Time: 2:03
  6. Looks like Race Two is up. I'm going to have to post a lap time during the weekend because school.
  7. I completed a lap of Race One. In case you didn't see my car the first time, it's here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/99405-2nd-KRF-Formula-K-Championship?p=1543271#post1543271 Final Lap Time: 2:10 minutes Screenshots:
  8. Hi, just found this thread. After reading the regulations, I wondered if part clipping was allowed. So, is part clipping allowed? I'll be posting my car later. EDIT: I have finished it! As the images will tell you, the car is very different from last season's car. Rollover Test:
  9. Hey, I'm going to see this movie on Sunday. Is this movie good in your opinion?
  10. And the secret feature is destructible buildings... That's a wrap, folks!
  11. It's starting hypehypehypehypehypehypehypehypehypehypehypehype
  12. DSzeZycMHdovyhngjBMB17UjVeNAVdehvj That's my Dogecoin address...
  13. So far, everyone seem to be going for Super Stock and Super Modified. I went for Unrealistic Stock, here's my entry: This was done in 0.24. I don't know if that makes a difference. Final Speed: 175.6 m/s
  14. I see nothing wrong with that. Waiter, there's an internet in my soup, and it has too many cats!
  15. 10 year old checking in. I'm somewhat mature for my age. Don't ask how
  16. Horray! KSO Phase 3 is out! 1 day after I had just installed it... (Dammit)
  17. Banned for using a quote to ban him
  18. Garry's Mod Modability 5/5 It has Steam Workshop. And there are many, many addons for GMOD Stability 4/5 It occasionally crashes, but not too often Loading times 3/5 It takes quite a long time to join servers, but it's probably due to my internet
  19. After a lot of "testing", PowerKord Racing presents you: The PowerKord Racing PK-01 Mk7! Hopefully, it was worth the wait
  20. 1. KSP 2. Turbo Dismount 3. Garry's Mod 4. Portal 2 5. Game Dev Tycoon
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