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I'm aware this is a big ask, but I have a feeling there are a lot of people who could find use for an updated KerbCAM mod. (original here)

It's great as it is, but it misses two features that would make it THE premiere mod for film in KSP.


Tracking. - By which I mean leaving the camera in a single stationary point, but pointing at a target as it moves.

(Smoother pathing would be incredible as well.)

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(KerbCam author here) I agree - KerbCam needs quite a bit of love. I've found myself out of time or energy to attack the codebase as it stands for anything but clearly important bugfixes. Camera Tools (mentioned above by falken) looks like a pretty good mod (and I've linked it from my own KerbCam thread).

If I find myself with copious time to write code, I would likely just rewrite KerbCam from scratch - but no promises on timescale for that.

One thing that would be useful to me (or anyone else writing a KerbCam-like thing) would be to distil down to a few features that are wanted. I've had thoughts on this, but I don't make videos (I've discovered I'm not very artfully creative - despite creating KerbCam as a tool for myself to do this, I never actually made a video with it).

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Though I admit it seems to have the features I'm looking for, I can't get it to work currently 0.25 (I have a few mods going on, better atmospheres, KerbCAM, Infernal Robotics, Hyperedit)

In _theory_ KerbCam shouldn't interfere, provided that you don't try to use both mods to control the flight camera at the same time.

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