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  1. I was just saying to myself the other day I'd like a more 'For All Mankind' approach. Thanks for this. Not designed any bases yet but I did make a lander. (Reusable single stage)
  2. So Mage, I figured out that the Modular Upper Stages are so modular, you can downscale them into service modules. As you can see here, Orion has a smaller SM, and the resupply vessel docked to this station is made out of one of the HAB modules and an MUS. Also, whilst it is on my mind, do you have any plans to include cold gas thrusters for helping 1st stages maneuver easier in low-atmosphere flight for roll maneuvers?
  3. I must ask a really dumb question, but how do I edit the settings in game? I want to disable EC background consumption but keep the other LS functions.
  4. Shadowmage, is it possible to get just the decoupler segment of the Orion CSM so we can make our own CSMs if we have specific requirements? I love the CSM you've made, but I like to mess around with designs a bit.
  5. As I had copied in a thrust curve I've been using previously to the file I decided to delete the thrustcurves file, and reintroduce the original and try the existing flat percentage curves that come packaged. Unfortunately none of these have an impact on the boosters.
  6. I'm using the latest version with 1.4.5 and for whatever reason the Thrust curves for SRBs aren't functioning at all when they were working fine in previous versions (however, it's been since 1.3.1 that I last played!) Has this been deactivated?
  7. Is it possible to do two roll programs a-la the shuttle? Rolls onto its back once it's cleared its own height, and then rolls back from inverted not long after SRB sep? e: Ahh, I see that I can just change the roll from 180 to 0 and it does it itself. Wow. It actually launched my shuttle cleanly. This is really well made. KUDOS!
  8. It's the KS-25-H Thunderstorm cryo engine from DIRECT LV, which uses the Squad assets for their SSME. I have in the meantime however used your RS25 engine instead, and just upped the gimbal to 15 for my shuttle. I simply used the tweakable movement thing to move the engine plumbing into the rear of the shuttle. All seems to work! Do you have plans to make a version of the engine with a simple ball mount for shuttle mounting, by the way?
  9. Finally got back into KSP after a very, VERY long hiatus and as always, SSTU is the first to get chucked in. Can anyone help me with adding the engine cluster code to other engines?
  10. I'm trying to get a realistic tank weight for a 3.2 scale Kerbin. What would you guys say would be the most appropriate? I'm also using a MM script to lower engine isps as well. Had them at 0.67 of normal, now trying 0.47.
  11. For some reason I can't modify the wings at all. It seems that it also tries to load all of the leading/trailing edge models and textures at once as well. E: Nevermind, I had clearly messed something up royally. All good.
  12. That's perfectly fine, I hadn't actually tried it with the SC-E in fairness. I will just simply resize the part to work with my Mk3 shuttle. Thanks very much. I'll give this a shot. E: Sad to hear that Lo-fi is done with KSP, but understandable. Its in good hands with you though.
  13. Alright chaps, I'm conceding defeat here. Here's the MM patch I tried to make to allow me to mess with SSTUVolumeContainer tankageMass quickly and easily: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[SSTUVolumeContainer]] { @MODULE[SSTUVolumeContainer],* { @tankageMass = 0.037 } } Cannot for the life of me get the damn thing to work though.
  14. Well, seeing as that's generally the size in which shuttles are made in, and the Squad Mk3 cockpit is basically a replica of the shuttle cockpit...
  15. So I am trying to edit the tankagemass on SSTU parts from 0.15 to 0.037 (in line with SMURFF). It doesn't seem to want to play ball. Tankagemass remains the same. If i edit a file manually it works fine however. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[SSTUVolumeContainer*]]:Final { @MODULE[SSTUVolumeContainer] { @Tankagemass *= 0.037 } }
  16. One thing I'd suggest with the ST-MST-ISS solar system would be to reduce the diameter of the 'barrel' section a little, simply so that it can fit into a Mk3 cargo bay. The thing is slightly too big for it, and it would make sense for an ISS inspired part to be able to be ferried up into orbit in a shuttle. Even just a rescale would suffice I reckon, however no matter what I do to the .cfg it doesn't seem to reflect in game... edit: Curious. in ModelData-ST-MST.cfg, I modified "diameter = 1.875" to "diameter = 1.25" an it actually increased the size of the main solar part with rotating barrel, and setting it to 2.5 or 3.75 actually reduced it. Okay, I've set that last setting back to 1.875 and went back into "ST-MST-ISS.cfg" and changed the following from this: name = SSTUModularStationCore topDiameter = 1.875 coreDiameter = 1.875 bottomDiameter = 1.875 to this: name = SSTUModularStationCore topDiameter = 1.65 coreDiameter = 1.65 bottomDiameter = 1.65 This allows the part to fit (with a tiny bit of wiggle room) into the Mk3 fuselage cargo bay. E: Shadowmage, one thing I'm going to have a go at doing is making an MM patch that allows you to globally change tankagemass. What you have set up is obviously 100% A-OK for stock, but if you use SMURFF the parts become too heavy to their new lighter counterparts. I painstakingly edited all tankagemasses in my 1.1.3 save to fall in line with the SMURFF tankagemass. Once I'm done I'll probably upload it or something.
  17. Pak, will you be making a realplume cfg for those too?
  18. Wow. I don't suppose you're going to make a full robot arms for our Mk3 shuttles are you? This crane is really nice.
  19. One thing I was wondering Shadowmage is if you have plans to ditch liquidfuel+oxidiser for something else? I'm really liking using hydrolox and hypergolic fuels. Also, RCS that fires using hypergolic?
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