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[PC] New PC Build Issues


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Hello all! Ive just finished building my first PC which I'm pretty happy about. Ive run into some issues. My specs are Asrock H87 Pro4 Mobo, Intel Quad I5-4570s, 2x8gb Vengance, WD Seagate 1TB HDD, Samsung SH-224DB/BEBE DVD/CD Writer, Corsair CX600M PSU, and my GTX 660 should be coming on monday.

My issue is that I've set up everything correctly and powered it on right after I finished building it to test it. It worked fine, but I didn’t connect it to a monitor. I turned it off and took it into my office to set it up. I plugged it in and plugged my monitors in. I then switched on the PSU from the rear switch and my front Molex fan spun up and the LEDs came on. It then turned off. I then pressed the power button on my case which which didn’t do anything neither did the reset button. I switched it off at the PSU then switched it on at the PSU again and it still happens.

I have already tried booting without RAM and removing everything from the mobo apart from the boot button. None of these worked. I will do the paper clip test for my PSU tonight and I will reseat everything.

Anybody got any suggestions about whats wrong and how to fix it?

Ill post a reply to this thread and edit this original post to include the results of the paper clip test once I’ve don’t it.

Also, thanks in advance for any replies/ideas.

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Did you check to make sure everything is plugged into the motherboard correctly? A picture may help.

I suspect it's a power supply or motherboard problem. If your motherboard came with a speaker, i'd recommend plugging that in to get any possible POST codes.

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I rewired it. It works :D. Not sure why it didn't in the first place. I'll edit this/maybe post depending on how its going.

EDITZ: Welp, it works fine. My GPU works and all but windows installer isnt reading my HDD. I know it works and I saw it in the UEFI of the MOBO. Any tips/ideas?

EDIT2: Turns out it was that the sata cable wasnt headed properly. I think my 24pin is a little loose.

EDIT3: Its all up and running well. Everything is well I think. DLing my games now.

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