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I assume that we are not allowed to use them for copyright reasons, but I just wanted to double check. I have some parts in development that are to fit the Mk2 style and I'd like the textures to match as close as possible. Is it best to just try and replicate them, or are we allowed to use Squad assets with credit given? I know I've seen a lot of parts out there that look as though they do..

Edit: Nevermind, I think I actually found the answer in Squad's Add-on Posting Rules. Correct me if I am wrong though.

7. Legal boundaries

You may not decompile, modify or distribute any of the .dll files or other files KSP comes with beyond content of the GameData folder. Follow the EULA. For assemblies, you may only use exposed public or protected members of classes, and you may not examine the code within any member.

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What about textures from *.assets files? Some mods, like Renaissance Compilation and Astronomer's Visual pack distribute modified assets files for updated lens flares. Furthermore, several texture packs for Universe Replacer / TextureReplacer are clearly based on stock textures ripped from assets files. Squad has been quiet on this issue as far as I know.

Is it possible to modify the licence about these issues or to obtain some special permissions? There were several people on TextureReplacer's thread asking me for stock Kerbal textures. I refused to give them the textures, but warned them about Squad IP violation and provided them with instructions on how to rip *.assets files :)

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On 8/15/2020 at 12:03 PM, RandomKerbal said:

By the way, is there a list of all Squad's stock part textures in .PNG?

 All parts should have a .dds file containing their texture somewhere inside the gamedata/squad directory. These can probably be opened by Gimp and Paint.net. They can later be exported as .png files with these programs.

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.dds is not a proprietary KSP format, it's an (admittedly somewhat fubar) version of image compression used by Direct X. It has properties containing to 3D-art and is efficiently handled by GPUs.

There are plugins for Gimp and photoshop.

Documentation out there sucks, if you need to save materials, I suggest starting with the "dumbest" version of "color" and no compression.

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