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  1. Thanks for the response although this does not seem to be the case. I've went out and collected buku science without any contract and got no rep for it.
  2. Not sure if im even asking the right question. Lets say for instsance, I build a massive ship designed to travel the solar system. And on this ship I have multiple engine groups that i can toggle via the actions menu. Some are for efficency and others are for high thrust and others even are for finetuning maneuvers. The problem is, no matter which engine groups are active the delta v available and the current twr readout over in the staging section remains the same which makes performing maneuvers kind of a guessing game at burn times, whether i have enough fuel, and when to start each burn. Am i missing something?
  3. trying to use the best strategy to max my rep so i can get better contracts. I've unlocked the whole tech tree on a stock game. open source tech program converts "field work" to reputation. Can someone please tell me what field work is?
  4. Trying to put a docking port on a small space staion in eva. Either the whole thing explodes or goes flinging off into space. I was really excited about this new feature but now im a little disappointed. anyone else seen this?
  5. Me too, same thing. I drive on top of where im supposed to be. It is a location marked by a pin, however, it never says "entering zone 9F34-S".
  6. I built a jet that can go around 1400 m/s with a tiny probe piggybacked. engines starve around 16k and I continue to around 40k where I detach the probe, burn till apoapsis is around 73k then circularize. Then I switch back to the jet that is back down to around 45k but the pilot is gone. What happened?
  7. thanks for all ya'lls input. my problem was pretty much pointy end first.
  8. I've got like 1500 hrs in on this game. Ive never had this happen b4. imagine the simplest of rockets. command pod with 3 or 4 of the smallest tanks and the swivel engine. start the ascent and gradually turn to 45 degrees b4 running out of fuel. reach 50-70 km and come back down. I'm still going 750-1200m/s at splashdown. just under flaming speed. if i do it just right i can get drogue to deploy. but that still leaves having to sacrifice a couple pilots to get enough science to unlock that node. Just to be sure, there is nothing in the difficulty settings that would change this?
  9. first off, ive been playing for years. i started a new career just after 1.4 . one of the first missions you can accept is leave the atmo. ive always done that and recovered the craft with no deaths, no problems. all the sudden now, my craft is always going WAY too fast for chutes to deploy. The atmosphere doesn't seem to be slowing me hardly any. ive tried shallower angle, i just don't get it. never had trouble before. did something change in 1.4? i reinstalled the game with no mods. i haven't unlocked drogue yet but shouldn't have to sacrifice a pilot
  10. Sorry just realized a recent change that was causing the problem. clicking the "play" button in my steam library would cause a window to pop up that has 2 choices. If you wanted to play 64 bit then you has to select the second option, 32bit being default. I don't know when it happened but the choices have been reversed. so i was inadvertently starting in 32bit all day. default is now 64bit
  11. is ksp more unstable with this expansion, or is it just me? lots of crashes while playing missions especially when changing from craft or map screen to the tracking or space center. or when loading a mission that has already been started. can a mission itself cause the game to crash if it wasn't designed correctly?
  12. I played all day. cant finish it. I'm on the mun and cant find the ignition switch. i even modified the mission so that the eva check is on the mun and not kerbin, no dice. My first play through, i played the whole mission, got the girl and took her home. then i realized the mission was still waiting for me to achieve a particular kerbin orbit. lol. this my first time playing any mission so there is a learning curve. 2nd go at it to make it legit, i made a new craft instead of the default one that spawned and it took me forever to figure out that i had to rename my craft to make it work. i was stuck at the first engine failure. I'm new at this and seems to be a little frustrating to me. the mission builder is no different than spending half the day on a duna mission only to get there and realize you forgot to install an antenna.
  13. Ok, I'll work on that this weekend. I was hoping someone else had already reported this issue. Thanks
  14. Large mothership with a large lander docked in space sometimes (lots of times) the entire ship will go into an escalating gyration that always ends in parts colliding, destruction and parts flying off violently. Im sure this has been adressed before but I cant find it. thanks
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