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  1. Hmm wonder what I am doing wrong then because the timers don't change when I turn it on or off. If I turn off one of my spare Hab-Quarters the timers update and change within a minute or so. When I do the same thing with Hab-Commons the values don't change, just continues to report the same values that were previously there. EDIT: I am using the 2.5m version of the module if it helps.
  2. @voicey99 Ok so I sent all the kerbals home, finished constructing the base (at least until I unlock the remaining modules) and then brought them back. After boarding them individually with the Hab-Common Tundra On/Off separately it doesn't look like its having any affect on the timers still. Possibly affected by the same issue as the Ranger module then?
  3. Thats why I am thinking they might have glitched. All the vessel changes that ended up being made while constructing the base. I am not sure if some of the pieces I separated had Kerbals in them at the time but that might explain some of the lower numbers, and they just didn't reset when it got re-attached. Going to ship them all home, finish the base, and then send them all back up there fresh.
  4. @voicey99 Turning it off for a bit & back on (even with time warping between them a bit while the base is active) doesn't seem to be doing anything. I'm wondering if my base is glitched. Some of the kerbals show with 8 years Home (2 years hab) while others are showing as 400 days. Think i will send out a crew shuttle & send everyone home to just reset them. I'm pretty much waiting for my EVE flyby crew to get home with more science anyway. EDIT: And yes the weird timers are on Kerbals that shipped out together to begin with lol
  5. Ok then the guide isn't very clear on that. The Colonization Immunity at 500% is listed on the details of the Colony Panel and sounds like it is all or nothing as a whole. The Colonization Module information just states that it consumes Colony Supplies to slowly raise the timers until they max out & then holds them there. Doesn't mention that there is any other requirement. Machinery isn't a problem & I knew about the Ranger Hab bug so those are both configured as Quarters. But a couple of the new Tundra Modules are Kerbitats configured as Commons and they don't seem to be helping. Do they require Machinery? And if so, are the suppose to actually have a machinery inventory that they are missing? My Kerbitats only hold electric charge.
  6. Here is my slowly growing monstrosity on Minmus. http://imgur.com/a/LxBBa I've used KIS/KAS to reconfigure the thing quite a bit as it grew and after I got some materialkits working I just started sending up DIY module clusters (the block of parts near the top), assembling them on the spot, and then attaching them as needed. Still trying to understand how some of the modules work though. Specifically Hab-Commons & Colonization which don't seem to be affecting the USI-LS timers.
  7. Oh gezz. I am pretty sure they have been stuck like that for about a year now waiting for me to get a medbay to that base. Have 6 of them in that status and I can't eva them to put them into another vessel (base with hatches but no docking ports). If its going to take that long to get them back out I am going to have to come up with another solution or the whole facility will go down first lol This base wasn't suppsoe to have a return trip for them lol EDIT: Ok I managed to reset their Hab timers. I used my last functioning engineer to sever spare hitchhiker off the rig, stuck a probe to it to make it a new vessel, connected it with a KIS pipe, and transfered the tourists into it. The Hab timer reset as soon as i disconnected it. Pain in the butt but a good way to reset them rather than waiting for the medbay to catch up. Hopfully the medbay will be a better option long term as I am too lazy to do this often lol
  8. How long does it take a Medbay to revert a Kerbal out of Tourist status?
  9. Hah haven't unlocked those yet. I've been making do with sending up the biggest possible NFE reactor I can, or a cluster of smaller ones, and then setting the output to 40% or so then turning off anything I don't need. Gives the core a 7-25 year lifespan... Pretty sure I will have reprocessing or fuel manufacturing by then And i apparently typoed the distance. I had to drive the thing 20km. Least it was across the Minmus flats and its not like i was going to run out of power while doing it... The reactor I used could generate 2000/s for the probe core to drink up lol
  10. hmm. guess i will just have to build the core of the ship & keep it limited to 2 Kontainers till I can get better engine tech. CS isn't that big of a problem since the interstellar ship has a medbay itself so I can just bleed off its storage at the delivery location. Oh well at least I am making the thing modular as heck. Habitation+Reactor : Medbay : LS Storage : Engine with each section having 2 docking ports for side modules such as Fuel or Cargo Pods. But i can undock and change out (or lengthen it) as needed for the mission. Maybe I will post an image of it once I get it working even though its going to look abnoxious running off a Karbonite Engines fueled by Kontainer fuel pods. My LV-Ns are modified by NFE/Kerbal Atomics so they are trickier to use so trying to get it working so I can also use it to gether science to unlock better nukes or plasma engines... or Karbonite Fusion which would solve my problem lol EDIT: Now back to delivering my more powerful fission reactor to Minmus so It can actually play full manufacturing base... I mis-dropped it and have to drive it 2km to the base. Glad i made it a 2.5m Rover lol
  11. I appreciate the replies but I think you guys missed the question a bit. I have no problems with the Supplies/food on the base itself. Thats easy and the first thing I set up along with a medical bay to keep habitation reset when I need to. The problem is getting the depleatables like Machinery, Metalkits, & Colony Supplies to the place periodically since I am not going to set up a full mining/manufacturing chain on the location. I have a full manufacturing base (sorta) online on Minmus which will also be the refueling point for the cargo ship. I just can't come up with a design that will let me haul a significant amount of materials to justify a reusable transport craft. If i am only moving 1-2 Kontainers worth of cargo I may as well just strap a probe core & engines on the Kontainers and launch them as one way shots... and deconstruct them onsite for metalkits. I was looking for ideas on a heavier transport ships I can reuse (and probably use for other cargo/delivery missions as needed). Everything I try seems to require something like 20+ tanks of fuel just to move 6 Kontainers & the life support/habitation equipment to keep the crew active for the trip. Should I even bother keeping the kerbals happy for the trip out?
  12. Out of curiosity, what do you guys use to resupply your MKS bases that are on other planets? I can't seem to design a cargo ship with good capacity & the habitability/supplies to keep the kerbals happy on interplanetary trips... not without ridiculous fuel requirements anyway. Anyone have any suggestions? I know I could just do an unmanned ship but I want to build a reusable craft so it has to carry crew & be able to make round trips. My mods are all USI (except FTT, not that i could launch the massive thing atm anyway), all NFT (and Nertea's other mods) and currently I am at early Nuclear (science 550-100 tier in tech tree). EDIT: Ok this might not be as bad as I thought. My Minmus base is working is stable and generating me science & funds pretty well now. Maybe I will just build the obnoxious array & use GC to build it on Minmus and karbonite to fuel it there lol I managed to get lucky on the resource distribution. A Great flats has everything (even if slow to gather) except Uraninite which i couldn't do anything with yet anyway.
  13. Request to the CKAN Team. Could you update this mod within the system? It looks like CKAN still has the really old "Spherical and Toroidal Tank Pack" from 0.23.5 rather than the package that was updated to work with newer versions of the game. Old link for reference:
  14. Been a while since i've played this game and love what you have done with all your mods Rover. One question though. Did we lose the old Orbital Logistics functionality that was in MKS at some point? I didn't see it mentioned in any of the wiki, manuals, or parts. I always hated piloting supply missions into orbit, I still lose 1 in 3 to docking "accidents") but wanted to verify if the functionality is gone or just being rewritten before I start looking for an alternative.
  15. I think I kill about 10% of my kerbals. I use reverting alot but thats about the % that end up in situations where reverting isn't possible. You know... accidentally hitting quicksave at the wrong time making reverts impossible is the most common. Another being getting them stranded in mis-calculated flight paths (since I use a Life Support mod) were its both impossible to get them back on their own or get to them before LS runs out. The final most common one for me is landing in Kerbin Mountains after a "routine" re-entry more because i forget to quicksave before I do the re-entry. Rolling down a mountain in a pod is amusing but not usually survivable
  16. I think my best has ever been a flyby of Duna in the 1k hours i have put into the game. Though the reason for my limitation has been mostly mod/performance rated. Either The game got a new update frequently enough to break all my mods (causing a career restart) or I ran smack into the memory/processing limitations of the old 32bit versions because anything I tried to design for interplanetary use was massively over-engineered. Now that I have 64bit I have a game almost to minmus reach which I am hoping to finally push for USI interplanetary colonization
  17. I found what was causing the crash. Its not OPM that wasn't playing nice with it. It was Sigma-Binary support component. Apparently even though OPM recommends both Custom Asteroids & Sigma Binary as support mods, the Custom Asteroid configs (not the main mod) have it listed as a conflict. No idea why the error was throwing random mod names but the correct error showed up when i tried to use the command line to install Custom Asteroids without using the version change workaround. Guess I don't get to play with the planetary offset for the pluto anolog. Oh well I would rather have the asteroids everywhere for refueling stops
  18. Yes but according to both mods they are compatible as long as I don't use the Outer Stock System (Beyond Jool) config file. The other two configs are listed as compatible in both mods readmes & threads.
  19. Ok then could I get you to take a look at the Custom Asteroids metadata specifically then? Because all the errors I have been getting appear only when that specific mod & one of its required configs is selected. Looking at the "Relationships" tab, I don't see anything in it other than the Core Mod & Its associated Config option which I am trying to install. Did something get messed up with that one specifically so it has some sort of weird circle requirement to something that doesn't exist?
  20. Tried it... Change version back 1.1.0. Select Custom Asteroids, which is compatible with 1.1.2, On popup select one of the configs. Immediatly get the following error with the option to do nothing or quit CKAN. What does the NRAP Test Weight mod's installed status have anything to do with Custom Asteroids? Especially when its Max compatible version number has been listed as 1.1.99 so it shows up under the compatible list anyway? As to the comment you made in small text. The reason for a user override option is so that we can force run a mod without having to bug the mod makers for updates, which apparently has become a bannable offense since the last time tried to play this game. If I want to try a mod whos author, update rates, & general activity I don't know even if its not compatible (but people in the forum thread says it is) why should I as the user be penalized for doing so? I should also point out that all the mods I have been trying to install ARE upgraded for 1.1.2 properly. CKAN is just throwing errors about the older mods (or apparently random mods with the error coming from NRAP now) that I don't want to remove knowing I can't reinstall them through CKAN yet & already verified in their thread will still work. Thats a CKAN bug or design flaw in my opinion which is why I posted. My original post also included an error message which went ignored instead to argue over the desire for an override functionality apparently.
  21. When you get a chance could you look into updating this for 1.1.2? Or at least the metadata CKAN uses so that it can be updated through there?
  22. So I tried to fix my issue your way. Unfortunately this only works for single install mods. If you try to use it for something that has sub-configs (PlanetShine, Custom Asteroids, etc) I still get dependency errors that crash out the process. Even trying to use the commands that force it to ignore recommended mods doesn't bypass this relationship. So my install is now officially stuck unless I want to manually remove & install the 20 mods CKAN refuses to acknowledge and thus crashes on me with failed to update errors when I try to add other mods.
  23. I would have to agree to making an option to have CKAN ignore existing installed mods or allow installation of older mods be considered. I have an issue right now where CKAN is forcing me to uninstall mods that while technically work (Planetshine for example) under 1.1.2 haven't had their metadata updated. If I don't, I get an exception error that crashes CKAN when I try to install any mod that has a multiple config option, for example Custom Asteroids. I keep getting a variation of this error: (Though obviously this one is for RCSBuildAid rather than Planetshine now that I uninstalled Planetshine to see if I can actually get Custom Asteroids to install. EDIT: And for those who are stating to just install them manually. The problem is that I still have so many of them installed, especially now that we have stable 64bit, that I sorta need CKAN just to keep track of them all. I don't particularly fancy refreshing 72 forum threads daily just to see if one got an update just because CKAN is forcing me to uninstall my list every KSP version, which then causes the mod to become untrackable. Since there is no "favorites" list I can set up to have CKAN let me know when a valid update is available so I remember to reinstall it.
  24. Thank you so much for maintaining this mod. :) EDIT: Also you may want to update your post on the original thread. It seems when they changed to the new forums is broke the link to this thread. Makes it hard to backtrack again.
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