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  1. Today I landed a spaceplane that had sent a satellite to orbit. The tricky part: after colliding with some space debris half the left wing was missing. Made for a very tense descent, but I landed it, somewhat. The slowest I was able to hit the ground was some 50 m/s , but the crew survived, and so did part of the fuselage
  2. I spend alot of time to reenter my newest spaceplane. It flies fine , being just a small modification of a tested plane, it delivered a sat to orbit and had just enough fuel to get back into atmo... but I accidentally put two engineers in it. Which I didn't notice until I released the sat and suddenly there was no SAS anymore. Reentering without SAS or A joystick is..tiresome. But I slowed down to a safe mach 2.4, now I need to turn around and land this Edit: Landed. slightly behind the runway, but hej, a bit of taxing back to it is nothing
  3. I crashed, repeatably, back to desktop. Which is sad, since I wanted to fly my difficult to land but fast plane back to the KSC. By the time it got there it should even have been easier to land thanks to CoM shift.
  4. Nice plane, I like the idea of building the "wing" using MK II parts But I like your little construction tug even more. Very stylish
  5. Today was a good day. Mostly. Jeb got rescued from the mun, and brought back scientific knowledge I can now put into use for spacplanes ( aka: finally got turbojets). My basic Com Sat system around Kerbin stands, I fulfilled a handfull of contracts, and Nebe Kerman is out on her way to leave kerbins SOI for a brief hop. Was originally only to be a minmus flyby, but hey, she had the dV and supplies
  6. What a genius trick. I should try that someday.
  7. You dear Sir or Madam are a very patient human being. A manned Ion powered ship... And you better hope there are no ear crawling mind control insects on Duna, just in case I could think of a few uses Especially good for reducing part count or complexity. And although my career safe is not there yet, once I get to station building again I definitely need this size. Those Station Science parts can get really heavy.
  8. I only started playing 2014 and I did leave Kerbin's SOI ..4 times? Two of them only for about 5min to get high above the sun science. And twice to send probes to Duna/Eve, whihc never got there I know, it is an amazing little feature for both Keuropean and Afrikan swallows.
  9. A common KSP problem I think One's intuitive gauge for speed gets a little warped. How often did I try to land a plane or wait for something on chutes to finally touch the ground because it was going sooo slow. As in: My car can't even go that fast.
  10. That first craft looks very Corellian.
  11. Yeah, my favorite kind of rover I usually put one engine in the front, one in the back so that I can't get stuck on buildings
  12. Glory to the Republic! I missed your show, good to see it is back.
  13. I just flew a spaceplane to orbit and back. It was my first time and it was... tense. Getting up was easy, courtesy of the supposed to be wing mounted engines from Karbonite ( or Karbonite+). Being obviously meant for airliners they pack a insane, and dangerous punch when mounted to a small one Kerbal craft. It makes the start a bit dangerous because at full throttle it could easily reach Mach 1 on the runway, but having experienced that before with a even smaller plane I used for survey contracts ( which nearly hit Mach 1.5 over the distance of the runway) I was prepared for the cautious controlling it needs to pull up without breaking to pieces. Reentering was going well as well, despite an accidentley steep approach, overshot KSC by about 150km, turned around and went back on jet engines and then took 7 tries to actually land it. Because I had forgoten to test how well it behaved as an actual airplane it basically refused to fly below 160m/s, below 140m/s it dropped all resemblance of flight and went into drop like a stone mode. I was never great at landings, but landings at 500+ kph.. .yeah. Good thing terrain is so flat around KSC. I landed about halfway down the runway and took the length of another 3 or 4 runways to slow down enough to venture turning around.
  14. I can't decide. I got two big moments, both rescue missions inside Kerbin's SOI: The first was back in .22 I think: Bob did have plenty of life support, but not enough fuel and was just barely able to get into orbit from the mun using all fuel and but a few drops of RCS. Not having realized that I could simply stick two capsules together, I pondered how I could save the poor guy, and finally send a rocket up with Jeb at the helm and a IR custom build claw on top. It was my first rendezvous ever, with a 60° inclined orbit around mun going the wrong direction. And somehow I made it and send them both back to Kerbin, separating again halfway so that they enter atmo with half an h distance. The other was in .25: I had parked a prototype of an interplanetary ship around mun for testing and science gathering. The lander was stranded on the surface after a rather inefficient landing, so I send the automated miner after it. so far so good, but then the munar night came, and being bad at precision landings I had not enough fuel to get them both back up without doing some mining first, but no sun, no mining By the time I realized this about 4h of electric charge were left. So I send a slightly overpowered ship to the rescue. Basically just a capsule a few LS packs and a 2.5m fission reactor with thermal engine courtesy of KSP Interstellar. And I made it in time. After a ridiculously inefficient but fast burn for the mun, a minor course correction after the SOI change and a 1min 20sec suicide burn with a TWR around 6 or so I managed to get there on time and link the two craft with a KAS pipe. It was in itself not the most complicated maneuver, but trying to land close to the target while the mun zooms at you at a quite alarming rate was quite a thrill. - - - Updated - - - I once had something like this back in.24 or .25, FAR+DRE, and for me it was was a science lab and the big command pot. I went in ultra cautious, bringing my orbit down to 71 by 72 km before even starting reentry.
  15. I launched an early career manned mission aiming for a munar flyby. I was halfway through my burn for the mun when I noticed that jeb was doomed, so I aborted, reentering him: I didn't have batteries yet, and although he had enough snacks and oxygen to go to the mun and back, he lacked the electric charge to get even halfway there.
  16. Some good some bad over the last 2 days. I got some contracts done for cash, and finally managed to evacuate the crew of my LKO station. It will remain in orbit though for future expansion, but I got tired of switching there every 5 days because TAC LS complained about their electricity. The landing of that shuttle that obviously needed a bit more wings area took me 15 tries, but in the end I managed to put it down in the desert (far from actually aiming for KSC in my skills). Then I designed a not to expensive compact station with the capacity for 15 kerbals, although only 3 went, but the capacity was needed for a contract. I sent it to Minmus, and was in good spirits, the dV seemed good and I was hoping to land it , get the contract and then move on to the Mun for another contract. There was a tiny flaw in my design: shortly before the capture burn around Minmus I realized that life support would run out in 1 day. So now I started on making a really way to expensive probe loaded with emergency suplies and enoguh dV to probably go anywhere, but from a test run I realized that I need at least 7k dV after reaching LKO to make it in time. The initial design had something between 5 and 6k and although that was enough to get to Minmus in under a day, it was not enough to decelerate enough once there.
  17. Today I got into ORBIT, in RSS. And then I didn't get back, not enough fuel, not even with jep pushing.
  18. 37t comsat is Medium?" And why did you put what looks like 36 short range dishes on it? The most I ever need are 6 of those. I also saw you "small one"...
  19. I launched a "rescue" satellite to my LKO station, should rendevous tomorrow and is mainly a carrier for a bunch of KAS fuel lines , so that I can link the station and the ill designed shuttle from yesterday. While I was at it I made it slightly bigger so it now doubles as a tug, one can always use those near a station after all. Just a little monoprop powered thing, nothing fancy. Made minor course corrections of my Duna satellite and a solar one. Then I tried myself at yet another attempt to make a spaceplane, but didn't test it yet. And Valley: My favorite tug wa done using Infernal Robotics. It had the RCS mounted on telescopic arms that could also change angle. This allowed it to be as compact as needed when stuff was in the way, but get maximum torque when fully expanded. And the angle change allowed to get the RCS thrusters closer to the center of mass of whatever you wanted to move. Originally I made for moving orange fuel tanks from raidally atached ports.
  20. I have been using far for ages, but also only recently started using planes in it. Guess what I did yesterday: I spent 3 hours trying to build a spaceplane. I could either get it to fly decently on jets, but without enough rocket punch, or up the rocket part but then the jets didn't have the power to get me above 20km... so I gave up and launched a stuble winged shuttle rocket style,using 4 liquid boosters strapped to the wings. Stage recovery for the win to cut costs It then made a pretty efficient rendevous with my LKO station... only to discover that I forgot the docking port! And since I wanted to transfer more then just crew, yeah... next step: sending a small cheap unmanned probe to carry a bunch of KAS pipes up there to duct tape them together. On the bright side, I also send a mapping/contract sat to Duna.
  21. Nice Nova. And not too far of scale ( you say 1:4 but Novas are pretty small )
  22. I made a Kushan Interceptor, inspired by reinstalling Homeworld. It think it looks raterh fine.. but actually flying it is a nightmare. At least in atmosphere. Those wings I had to use for the looks are way to far forward of the center of mass.
  23. That looks like a fun way of doing it indeed. And part count friendly one as well, since you saved yourself the RCS on the sation blocks.
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