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  1. Or something similar but smaller: https://kerbalx.com/Wanderfound/Kerbodyne-Aqua About 5,000m/s ΔV when fully gassed up.
  2. It's an old design of mine, so you could argue that it's not original, but: https://kerbalx.com/Wanderfound/Kerbotruck-Interplanetary Long-range self-refuelling laboratory hydrofoil flying boat SSTO. Or you can strip out the cargo bay contents and use it as a reusable heavy-lifter.
  3. The Sparrowhawks will crack the sound barrier, but it takes them a while to get there. It is possible to rip the wings off them, but you have to be trying hard; it takes a sudden 15g low-altitude turn at maximum speed to do it.
  4. Sparrowhawk Mk4: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w0xf45c410h0n2p/Sparrowhawk Mk4.craft?dl=0 3 engines, one GAU, two missiles, three flare dispensers. Should be just over 4,000kg empty.
  5. Turn off ground scatter? Sparrowhawk Mk4 on the way.
  6. Yup. If it doesn't work, maybe Mk4 will be heavier and upgunned.
  7. Sparrowhawk Mk3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpki8pw8ons1gnk/Sparrowhawk Mk3.craft?dl=0 Two engines, one Vulcan, two AIM-9 and three flare dispensers for 40pts.
  8. Sorry about that, I thought it was clear of the weight limit. I'll update it.
  9. Sparrowhawk Mk2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w6kmvg97mtjevw7/Sparrowhawk Mk2.craft?dl=0 Two engines, three Vulcans, two AIM-9 and four flare dispensers for 55pts. And I've lowered the wing to provide as much tail clearance as possible; any further improvement to the rough-ground takeoff performance would require larger landing gear.
  10. I've just realised that Sparrowhawk Mk1 actually has 65pts of weapons/engines, not 55. Revised version on the way.
  11. It was a rush job, I didn't name it properly. Call it Sparrowhawk Mk1.
  12. Here's a quick submission to get things started: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o1f8ry4c2hzyii6/Juno Fighter One.craft?dl=0 Three engines, two AIM-9, two GAU-8, one flare dispenser. 55 points, 4,000-6,500kg class.
  13. Looks fun. As above: are multiple Junos allowed or not? I'd suggest that a single-Juno limit would be more interesting, but it could work either way. You might want to ban torque wheels and require cockpit torque to be disabled; tiny planes can manoeuvre on torque alone if you allow it, so you end up with flying bullets as the dominant airframe.
  14. Imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/jmfdGAl 33 ton 56 part bomber with two RAPIERs. Hydrofoil seaplane SSTO. 7 ton payload of eight bombs. Qualifies for Battleduck (20pts), space bomber (20pts), worldwide coverage (20pts), Service Ceiling (15pts) and Airshow Manoeuvrability (10pts). Top speed of 1201m/s for swift payback (2401pts). Time of 14min 2sec for fastest bomber (10pts if so). Engine maintenance -20pts for two RAPIERs. Part maintenance -0.02x56 = -1.12. +100pts for math is not fun makes the total 2,574.88
  15. To add some variety, how about a subcategory for Tier 6 ships?
  16. A basic orbital crew taxi. Album at https://imgur.com/a/CcL13 Craft file at https://www.dropbox.com/s/66ijw6ggso7de3j/LT1.craft?dl=0
  17. A race for SSTO spaceplanes; from the KSC runway, into orbit and back to the runway again. Rules: 1) You don't actually have to orbit Kerbin. Just get to 70km altitude, establish a 70x70 (or higher) orbit, then get back down again as quickly as possible. 2) All craft must be SSTO spaceplanes, taking off and landing horizontally from the runway. No staging, no boosters, no droptanks. 3) Must carry a pilot in a cabin; no command chairs, no drones, no capsules. 4) No SAS units apart from cabin torque; the idea is to build planes, not torque-guided missiles. 5) No parts or physics altering mods. I'll do a separate FAR leaderboard if there's sufficient demand, though. Demonstration album at https://imgur.com/a/T0wYY LEADERBOARD Wanderfound, 14 minutes 41 seconds
  18. Album at https://imgur.com/a/0hoa1 All recovered apart from fuel and payload. Payload mass = 58,550kg. Fuel expended = 6,638LF & 3,876O. Total expense = √6008.08. Cost per kg = √0.1026 Craft file at https://www.dropbox.com/s/61hka91j7ja31uc/Lifta.craft?dl=0
  19. Album at https://imgur.com/a/A0vYO Craft file at https://www.dropbox.com/s/zb1b8issm50aio9/Traveller Long.craft?dl=0 150.845t Laythe, 0.95 Moho-in-one, 0.9 Passengers, 0.9 Science package, 0.9 Quick start, 0.9
  20. Gilly: 6 Pol: 26 Minmus: 36 Bop: 46 Ike: 78 Eeloo: 124 Laythe: 290 Plus Homeward Bound, Infinity and Beyond, Kerbin's Sweet Caress, No Surly Bonds, Powerhouse, Disembark. 1073 points. Equipped for docking so that it could hypothetically be towed between planets by a tug. Album at https://imgur.com/a/8x5rr
  21. My general pattern: 1) Moderate climb (ten degrees or so) until I hit the transonic drag. 2) Drop the nose however much is necessary to maintain acceleration until I'm through the drag (400m/s +). 3) Back to the moderate climb until 10,000m. 4) Drop the nose again and crank it to as close as possible to 1,500m/s. Temperature is usually the limiting factor. 5) Pull up into a moderate zoom climb (about 3g, held until the apoapsis is over 20,000m) while flying at around 13,000m. You'll lose a bit of speed initiating the climb, but if you do it low enough you can regain that speed before the jets lose power. 6) Keep the nose on prograde and the engines in air-breathing mode until 29,000m or so. Do it right and you should hit that altitude at about 1,400m/s.
  22. Nope, you're right; I thought I could get away with a long nuke burn with a RAPIER kick just before touchdown, but there isn't enough oxidiser. There's one RTG stashed in the bay to cover non-mining power needs, BTW. The fuel cells and radiators are turned off except when mining/refining. I normally base my mining rigs on fuel cells like this; I'm yet to hit a situation where they were drawing more fuel than they produced, but I don't normally mine in hyper-low concentrations. Dunno. It can take off and fly on four engines, but it does it much more comfortably with the extra boost from the fifth jet. The super-gimballing ability of the Panther makes it especially suited to mounting offline from the main axis; it's set up so that the Panther thrust goes through CoM at maximum gimbal. Replacing the Panther with a fifth RAPIER would add mass, create mounting hassles, reduce low-speed thrust and not significantly improve maximum speed. PS: on taking it out for another spin, it could still use a little tweaking. Boosting the max deflection on the canards to 150% makes it a bit more maneuverable without causing any instability, and shifting the rear gear back a whisker would improve ground handling on bumpy terrain.
  23. Refuelled in orbit to demonstrate range, but easily able to go direct from KSC to Minmus to refuel itself. Not enough for KSC-Moho direct or Eve, but should comfortably do everywhere else. A score of 54 or so if I've got it figured right. 109.610t Laythe and Tylo, 0.8 No worries ISRU, 0.8 Science package, 0.9 Quick start, 0.9 It might be able to hit Moho from Minmus, but I haven't included those. And it could be easily tweaked to add a few extra passengers. Album at https://imgur.com/a/zmYzg Craft file at https://www.dropbox.com/s/l8x0rjyrs9axydc/Traveller.craft?dl=0
  24. A quickie spaceplane attempt to begin with. Laythe and the Mun: 290pts + 116pts Plus Homeward Bound, Infinity and Beyond, Kerbin's Sweet Caress, No Surly Bonds, Powerhouse, Disembark. All up, 719pts. Album at https://imgur.com/a/Xu8pd
  25. The scoring is a little vague regarding repeat visits; do you need to hit as many different moons as possible, or can you just hop down and back from Munar orbit twenty times in a row? Is ISRU allowed or not? An ISRU-equipped SSTO can do most of this, but mining is a PITA at the moment thanks to the bouncing bug.
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