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  1. Is battle spazer compatible with 0.90? some mods aren't...
  2. I have Better Atmospheres for 0.90 working perfectly the Mun looks a little weird its like the texture is too buggy, i mean on the map mode it looks fine but on landing.. its just wierd, like flexible rocks
  3. I already fixed it, i just added a OKTO and i got SAS now, thanks for the help
  4. "This would be OK, except by the fact i attached a SAS to the ship, so everybody can drive it." Please read the ful post. Thanks Eddiew f for your help
  5. Hello, every time i use a ship (post-.90) that is not driven by a Pilot, i always get this "No operational SAS modules or pilots, cannot engage SAS" This would be OK, except by the fact i attached a SAS to the ship, so everybody can drive it. Why i am getting this? i have a SAS, and the pilot is a scientist Help would be apreciatt
  6. Can i spawn on the coastal extras' bases?
  7. Strangely i can't connect to any server, i keep getting failed connection..
  8. you made me search all the KSP official videos again.
  9. Sea lord 1+ I see you EVERYWHERE 2+ Outside? +0 You are very creative in your posts +1 You have a lot of posts +1 A big company in the signature +.5 you seem friendly with the commenters +.5 Your forum is awesome overall +2 9/10
  10. Granted, but it was Roskia's ICBM. I wish i could into white.
  11. 9/10 polandball! nobody knows me
  12. Hello! while i was trying to delete a old filthy save, i accidentally clicked and deleted my 2-month-old save... Someone knows if i can recover it? i tried clicking older versions but nothing happened Actually, the only thing i want are the .craft files, since it was a sandbox, i mostly had junk floating around (still, it was a lovely save!)
  13. Also, another last question can i add useless-mods that dont change anything? mods like "Aviation Lights"-E.V.E and those sutff? also, traveling 5 miles is pretty hard on IONS... (i mean, MS means Miles right? or i reached the MUN for nothing!?!? D:)
  14. Can i add normal rockets to make it a submarine (for da extra points)? its going to be tough to sink this boat with ions..
  15. Wait, the download still says 0.24.2... it is for the 0.25 or not?
  16. Can you try doing a fresh run? maybe its the tweakscale... but if its not, then no idea.
  17. Ok, addons are up to date sun_flare deleted I tried deleting custom asteroids and other mods, restoring older versions.. nothing, still no potatoroid http://www./view/b8ii7cxwvjexc9b/output_log.txt Tell me if you need even more info.
  18. Ouch, it didn't got fixed i tried opening the ARM tutorial but there is NO asteroid no unknown objects, no nothing i installed NASAMISSION
  19. Is real solar system obligatory? i really want better atmospheres textures (with the white kerbol, joolian rings and stuff) but i dont really feel like having everything configured, and the RSS creator says i need to downlaod it from the original RSS Forums, wouldn't that cause the config problems? it says its incompatible
  20. The problem here is that i cant seem to find any asteroids, it always says "potatoroid missing xx-xx" and i really want to have an asteroid Mods installed: Aviatiolnights CommunityresourcePack Custom Flags CustomAsteroids (had the problem before i reinstalled it) DarMultiplayer Version 0.25 FinePrint JSI KAS KWRocketry MechJeb2 NearFutureProps Nereid ORSX Romfarer Squad StationPartsExpansion UmbraSpaceINdustries FinalFrontier.dat License Module Manager 2.3.5dll Module Manager 2.5.1dll Sun_flare.tex.dds toolbar.settings.dat 000_Toolbar That is what i see in the Gamedata folder. If you need any other info tell me
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