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  1. Pretty happy that I could run it OK-ish with my 6 years old rig (i7-8700K, GTX1080, 32GB), with some optimizations I expect it to run well enough. I was right at home with something very similar to KSP1 at its debut, I'm very interested to see where this will be going. What I wish to see is more science progression to force going through steps and challenges with low tech (my source of fun with KSP is overcoming difficult exploration with the bare minimum), and an easier way to plan mission (e.g. a way to figure out if I put enough chutes for an atmospheric entry, or if I have enough TWR and dV, that kind of stuff). Few things I noted, some of them existed in KSP1, that I expect will be improved: - When an engine stage follows a decoupler stage I still don't know if I'm going to fire up the engine or decouple , b/c the engine UI is the same and no clear indication which stage is next. - Attaching sub assemblies to a decoupler is still a PITA. I'd like a modifier to select a whole subassembly anywhere and not just on the bottom part, and also have a clear indication that I'm attaching on the decoupler and not the main part. - Clicking on an already active SAS mode could disable it and go back to "Lock". Otherwise this makes a lot of mouse travel when trying to activate a mode briefly or when a mistake is made. YMMV on this one I guess - While looking like jelly, my 80 parts un-strutted onion-shaped ship kept it straight and did not disintegrate at any step - There's a destroy menu option on the map but no recover option (must go to tracking station for that)
  2. I run on a GTX1080, 32GB RAM, i7-8700K, Win11 (HDD), settings on high at 1080p, an 80 parts ship on high setting gave about 15FPS as well, not choppy. I did not see a difference in FPS with low or medium setting. FPS went up to 50 after parts count was reduced through staging. P.S.: I didn't update drivers in a while though, will test that
  3. Looks like it's fixed with 1.7.2 update :) Percentage was reset to 0 on the contract, I fast-forwarded to see if it would work and it did, although it seemed a lot slower than before (maybe there was a display issue that showed the actual percentage x1000, as @Tetnacious mentioned). On the 1.7.2 changelog: * Fix Deployed Science contracts displaying incorrect completion amount and not completing properly. * Fix Deployed Science science generation calculations. There was no mod. Answer is a bit late sorry.
  4. There might be a bug with this feature, I have accepted such a contract after I already had a station on Minmus (control + weather station + goo observation). The contract status says "Collected 859% or 50% of the Surface Deployed Mystery Goo Observation science on Minmus.". The number keeps growing, I guess I'll never get that contract fulfilled ("We wanted exactly 50%! This is too much!" ). When I go to my station, it says that the goo experiment is not connected anymore, it is located 2.1m from the control. I have a similar problem on other stations (one on The Mun and the other 500m from the launch site), some of the experiments indicate they're no longer connected, some others I get nothing when right clicking on it, even though they have power and in range of a comm station.
  5. Don't know if bug or feature but I noticed that ships / debris would get atmospheric braking only if active (in 1.02). Otherwise they would orbit like there is no atmosphere. I had this with 5 ships at the same time, stranded ships I kept in orbit, I came back with a module equpped with a "basket" and force them to slow down to burn in the atmosphere but they wouldn't slow down in the atmosphere until I take control.
  6. You can also play the in-game trainings. While not being as informative as Scott's videos, they allow you to practice a wide range of maneuvers.
  7. Hello everyone, I just gave the mobile processing lab a try and I was quite astonished by the results! I landed one on Minmus and I got sucked into time warping like crazy and monitoring the science piling up. Without noticing it, I lost all my active contracts (it was in career mode) and gathered enough science to clear most of the tech tree (I only had tier-160 tech, my ship had 255 parts, with a lot of crappy solar panels to have enough power)... Maybe there should be a warning when doing high speed time warping while focused on the lab, I feel like I took a shortcut and now I will come back to an older save. I guess the correct way to use the lab is to set a permanent crew and let it work in the background? Also I don't always have the "clean experiment" option available, maybe I'm doing something wrong. Cheers, P
  8. A little feedback: I'm not familiar with this conic stuff, but anyway it worked quite well. Accuracy is not extreme as I once crashed on the Mun instead of going around as planned because I did not monitor the trip and I wasn't close enough from the planned trajectory. The technique I used was to setup an Ap at 13500 or so and after that, fine tune the maneuver position to get the good shape (as seen on a tutorial on youtube, very similar to SV Ron's captures). I even saved a crew with that, on my way to the Mun I ran out of electricity (early career... no solar panels) before entering Mun orbit and without touching anything the ship got back directly to Kerbin. Neat ^^
  9. I don't know what are the plans for the construction interface actual, this suggestion is quite small (I have already proposed another small improvement for it). But if there is room for more, I would go for a complete overhaul of the staging construction to make it really user friendly, like, a smaller model of the ship on a secondary UI that would allow direct drag'n'drop of the stages in the sequence, selection of multiple stages, grouping, etc (a lot of small suggestions that were already proposed would easily fit in). .
  10. Cool, great info! I guess I'll try to achieve it at least once or twice then I'll stick to the simpler stuff hehe.
  11. Hello, I have a rather noob question, maybe someone will point me to some tutorial that help figuring this out Apollo 11 trajectory is shaped like a 8, which means that after take off and escape from earth, the ship passes in front of the moon on it's orbit insertion (just type " Apollo 11 moon trajectory " in google image you'll see what I mean). However I tried to do it like this in KSP but I can only manage to get the Mun encounter (or Kerbin, on the return trip) from behind (which is great for slingshots). Whatever point I choose for my starting burn (relative to the Mun) I always end up behind... Is there some clever mid-course correction to obtain this? And is it efficient compared to the "classic" insertion? Thanks!
  12. Hello fellow space explorers, I have another stupid yet simple idea to improve rocket building: When an empty slot is created in the staging sequence (with [+] UI button), next part added to the ship should go in this slot instead of going to the default place. Or better, if stages could be selected, the part would go in the selected staging slot. That would lighten the burden of reorganizing the sequence every time a part is added.
  13. What I liked with the lines is that they allowed to get an overview of the whole sequence without having to hover the mouse. Highlighting is ok for me too, as long as it is REALLY glowing hard and very reactive then a quick hover of the mouse from top to bottom on the stage sequence would allow to check it as well. Anyway, whatever the way it is done, this aspect of the contruction really needs a better visual.
  14. Thanks for the replies! To answer Red Iron Crown's question, radial stages would only one line tied to one of the N items (as shown on the screenshot I made). There could be also a color coding to help differentiate the lines (the symbols on the right also help by showing the type of decoupler already).
  15. Hello All, I'm quite new to KSP (and I already got tons of fun with it, great stuff here I particularly like the career mode with "missions" and progressive access to technology) and I couldn't find this suggestion using the sticky threads or the search engine. For now I struggle a bit when building rockets since the staging isn't very obvious and requires a lot of tweaking to put in correct order. The only thing I can do so far is hover the mouse cursor and look for the faint highlight for each part. I suggest that there would be a toggle in the hangar that will enable drawing bright thin lines (1 pixel) between the staging sequence on the right and the parts on the rocket itself. This would allow a very quick and visual way to check that the staging is correct, since the lines would match the order of the stages and this would not require to hover the mouse on every item. Lines crossing would be a hint that a stage is set to be enabled out of sequence. Here is a picture of what I had in mind: http://postimg.org/image/sszwq3ddx/ Cheers, P.
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