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  1. Oh, I see. I took a quick look at the source again, and it looks like there's a vertical speed limit in there as well. I assume horrible things would happen if I removed it completely, but I'll see if I could say.. multiply it by 100 or something later.
  2. Someone asked about that a while back, so I made a quick little fix that made the altitude at which the bomb aimer disappears config file configurable. I never actually tested if it works, but you could give it a try if you want to. The download is here, and all you have to do is to replace BDArmory/Plugins/BahaTurret.dll with the one I linked, and add MAX_BOMB_AIMER_ALTITUDE to BDArmory/settings.cfg. You'll also need to increase the physics range for it to work, since the maximum altitude is calculated like this: float maxAlt = Mathf.Clamp(BDArmorySettings.PHYSICS_RANGE * 0.75f, 2250, BDArmorySettings.MAX_BOMB_AIMER_ALTITUDE); //Clamp(value, min, max) limits the value to something between min and max If you do give it a try, let me know if it works.
  3. The maximum altitude the bomb aimer will show up is either physics range * 0.75, or MAX_BOMB_AIMER_ALTITUDE, whichever is lower. If, for instance, your MAX_BOMB_AIMER_ALTITUDE is 20000 and physics range is 15000, the aimer should only show when up to 15000*0.75=11250 meters high. If you'd want it to use the 20000 maximum limit instead, you'd need your physics range to be 26668 meters or more. 30000 would work just fine, for instance. I believe that's because you need to be within physics range for the bomb to be able to hit anything in the first place. ..Looks like I linked an earlier draft that was missing the actual dll by accident. Sorry about that, try this one: https://github.com/Yskinator/BDArmory/releases/tag/fix5.1
  4. Could you try the .dll here? I did a quick fix that probably made the maximum altitude config file configurable, but I'm hungry so I didn't actually test it. Let me know if it works and I'll send the changes to BahamutoD Simply replace the BDArmory/Plugins/BahaTurret.dll with the one I linked, and add MAX_BOMB_AIMER_ALTITUDE to BDArmory/settings.cfg. Try setting it to something like 20000 for starters, and make sure your physics range is also 1.334 times that or it will be the limiting factor instead.
  5. Exactly how I ended up doing it. Otherwise you'd find yourself doing ridiculous things like trying to hit the button every physics update to keep a laser firing, for instance. Also spot on on the reasoning behind doing it in the first place.
  6. I'm not sure I understood what you meant by that. Both single toggle -> single shot and toggle firing on/off are easily doable, just depends on whether you flip the turret back off again after firing - I tried both before going with the on/off toggle. Either way, I don't really see a reason not to do it considering how many possibilities it would open when combined with something like kOS. If it's action group only with no separate button, you'd have to be actively looking for it to find it anyway, so I doubt anyone could find it confusing or anything. Still, it's up to Baha, so I guess we'll find out when he gets back. I figured it would be neat to have it in the official version, but in the meanwhile, it's not like there's anything stopping me from just using my own modified version should I feel like it
  7. That might change though - I sent Baha a pull request that made guns action group fireable a while back.
  8. Does that even need to be an option? I can't really think of a situation where you wouldn't want some of your guns to be firing if the target is within range.
  9. Unfortunately, the AI tries to pick the best weapon for the situation, and proceeds to only use it. Personally I'd much prefer if it simply used every weapon that's in range.
  10. Yup. HEKV hasn't seen much love since the new systems were added since the mod focuses more on air battles. I'm fairly sure I had working HEKVs a few versions ago* though, and I'm fairly sure I've seen this issue before. It should hopefully be an easy fix, so I'll see what I can do *As in, I had them in my installation, possibly after a bit of tinkering with the missile code. BahamutoD is the actual BDArmory dev, I'm just a random guy who occasionally fixes a bug or two. EDIT: Hmm, I did get the missiles trying to fly towards the target, but the aim is way off - possibly a side efffect of going from using orbital velocity (which makes sense for space missiles) to using surface velocity, as that's what the new systems like to use. I'll take another look tomorrow and see if I can get them working properly.
  11. Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know. I did some testing, and found a null reference exception in DoRCS() that's probably causing the issue. I'm getting a serious deja-vu here though. Have I already fixed this at some point..?
  12. Details. How are you trying to use it, and what happens? Are you using Legacy Targeting or the new systems?
  13. I don't see any mention of BDArmory in the log file. The log file is reset every time you launch the game, so could it be that you didn't have BDAmory installed when you last ran it before uploading the file? Either that, or something went horribly wrong when you installed it. EDIT: Ok, looks like it was an incorrect installation then. Glad it worked out for you
  14. That doesn't look like the kind of thing BDArmory should be able to cause. I'm not sure what's happening, but could you post your log file for me to take a look? Maybe I'll find some explanation there. Depending on your operating system, it's either ~/.config/unity3d/Squad/Kerbal Space Program/Player.log on linux, [KSP]\KSP_Data\output_log.txt on windows.
  15. I don't see a link, and googling that last bit only gave me this thread. In the meanwhile, do you have any other mods, and are you sure you installed BDArmory correctly? Try re-installing it with CKAN for instance, that way we can be reasonably sure everything is where it should be.
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