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  1. Your indecisiveness causes a small glitch in the fabric of spacetime, right inside your skull. Your brain is turned to mind, one small piece at a time. Manifesting like very early onset dementia, doctors are completely baffled. By the time anyone figures out what has happened, you're already long gone. Thanks to it, though, scientists are able to get a much better understanding of spacetime, and your corpse becomes the subject of many studies, culminating in a working Alcubierre drive. Your family does not see it this way, however, and most go mad from the torturous death followed by the sheer apathy of the press.


    I wish I was here more often.

  2. That's extremely odd, especially the behaviour of the clean v.s. infected save files. Just on a hunch, are the infected save file(s) ones that you created while mods were installed? Or were some of the clean files also created while the mod(s) were installed?

    Sometimes mods make tiny changes to the save file that are really hard to notice, and removing them might not always remove whatever glitch they brought up in the save data.

  3. As Starwhip says, religious discussion is generally frowned upon for more or less those reasons. People tend to be very overprotective of their religious beliefs, and frequently intolerant of the beliefs of others.

    As such, there is indeed a rule against it. If you see something getting overly religious, please feel free to report the post (the little triangle button at the bottom of the post) so we can take a look. It would probably be best to avoid confronting the person about it directly; that is, after all, our job. :)

  4. I find it interesting that despite such a damning review, that user has apparently logged several thousand hours in-game, with almost 40 hours just from the past two weeks. That's an awful lot for a game they supposedly "don't recommend" and outwardly appear to hate.

  5. Aye, it would be a good idea to keep riddles to what could be reasonably construed to be common knowledge. In-depth things or details from world wars or other things from 20-50+ years ago are pretty far from common knowledge these days.

    I mean, those more intellectually-oriented riddles are fun and all in their own way, but it does sort of kill the thread. If you like making those kinds of riddles, I think it best to just post them (in spoilers) with a note for anyone who wants a crack at them to PM you and take it on in their own time. This is supposed to be a fun game, not a riddle war. :)

  6. I've wondered how decisions to keep open threads that have a lot of rule skirting in their creation works. I don't really mean any in particular, but mostly the idea that some threads seem to get closed after the conflict that the rules seeked to prevent rather than before.

    Eh, many of those threads might be somewhat questionable in nature, but we prefer to give users the benefit of the doubt where possible, and we generally only step in once rules are actually broken. Trying to prevent all conflict is just going to annoy people and likely enough aggravate users against the staff in general, which will make our jobs harder, not easier.

  7. So, when I go on to the member list, I see all sorts of weird names with crazy numbers-letter combinations. They normally have less than 3 posts. Are they spambots that haven't posted anything yet, or just really really inactive users?'

    Modkip, when I joined, the CG limit was 3. Has it changed to reflect the new users?

    1) Could be either, really. It's impossible to say without looking at what they've posted.

    2) The CG limit was originally 5. It was temporarily changed to 3 just to alleviate possible headache for users who had to make a new account on the forums following the forum crash and subsequent data loss that happened a while back, but it was returned to its original value after that. :)

  8. See here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/123012-Fairing-separation-problem

    It's being noticed by more than a few people. It's been around for a while, but I've not heard much about a fix yet. It might be worth seeing if there's a report on the Bug Tracker about it already; if not, it'd be a good idea to try to gather as much data as possible and put one together.

    In any case, it's probably best we try to keep things to one thread for this, just because having everything in one place makes things a little easier to piece together. :)

  9. 13. I never send friend requests on this forum. I will often accept ones that are sent, however, unless I foresee it being an issue.

    Being "friends" with people who act out and make me have to lug out the [Punitive Great Hammer of Woe (+7)] is weird to me... which is even weirder because a not insignificant number of people who sought me out and asked to add me as a friend soon ended up getting themselves banned or otherwise fairly heavily punished.

    I wonder if they did it intentionally -- attempted to cosy up to a moderator or two before starting to act out. Oh well. It never worked for them, in any case.

  10. This is an issue that's been around for quite a while. I've seen it crop up with various pieces of debris... most commonly before fairings were around, it was decouplers. There was (and probably still is, but I can't recall) a way to build a decoupler to detach while still remaining in contact with the craft as it is launched, which causes the same effect. I suspect it's something to do with the craft being under thrust while it's in contact with another part...

    I remember seeing this as far back as 0.18 or so, and it's probably been around since before that, too.

  11. Everyone here needs to calm down a bit.

    Although that video card is definitely sub-par as graphics cards go, there should be some things we can try to at least get the game running. If you are amenable, we can go through a few things to get you started. However, I must request that vitriol stays out of it; it is entirely unwarranted, and directing rage at people on these forums will get you nowhere fast. If you want help, we're happy to help. However, we're not punching bags, so I must request you withhold any attacks.

  12. Typically speaking, a corrupt save file is most commonly simply truncated -- that is, the write operation is interrupted, and you're left with a file is that simply incomplete, missing all the data after a certain point. It's generally not possible to infer the vast majority of the lost data, and the only way you could attempt to "recover" it is by attempting to patch in any missing data with the default values. Such an operation is likely to be highly prone to glitches and bugs, but is theoretically somewhat possible.

  13. My first thought is that either some permissions went wonky when you copied things over, or the location you've installed to isn't cooperative. Please try copying the installation to a different location -- the Desktop is sometimes a very problematic location for KSP to be run from, so try copying the folder to C:\KSP or something similar.

    Other than that, the other possibilities to eliminate are:

    1. You're missing folders for the SPH and/or VAB to save files into. Ensure that within your save folder there is a Ships folder that should contain the SPH and VAB folders. If not, create any missing folders.

    2. The permissions on the folder(s) themselves. Check that you have ownership of the folder and full read/write permissions.

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