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  1. I have an idea to make landing on planets more interesting/challenging: Right now you can land on any planet, anywhere, the only things you need to take into account is water, steep surfaces, and Jool. I'd like more landings to go horribly wrong... What if there where planets with quicksand? seemingly land-able, but when you land, your ship is slowly pulled into the surface. This quicksand could have a different color or texture to indicate where you can land. Also, lava lakes, forests (?), atmosphere so thick that you cant see a thing, thick gas plumes, etc... When expending the game, implementing inter-galactic travel, creating new solar systems that still offer variety and a challenge will be easier and players will have more drive too see what each planet has to offer. any thoughts?
  2. Oh yes. My biggest failure... Here it go's: A long long time ago, when the main goal of the game was to reach the Mun, there was a special little space ship I created to get there for the first time. I had figured out the orbital mechanics in the game and i was fairly good at getting things in orbit, yet the moon had always been beyond my reach... So I made a bigger rocket with more stages than ever before, and set out on my epic mission. After a few fatal launch incidents the contraption reached orbit and I burned towards the horizon. Once near the mun I retrograded until i achieved a good orbit around the rock I had wanted to set foot on for so long. I chose a landing spot and retrograded more, initiating my descent. After burning enough to eliminate my horizontal speed I detached my lander at about 20 km above the surface. The lander now had to do the long anticipated travel to the surface of the mun, falling towards the surface. Right about 10 kilometers above the Munnar surface I deployed the parachutes. Yes. The parachutes. While still plummeting towards the hard rocks, 5 kilometers of falling to go; I realized what I had done, and that it was not going to end well.
  3. Here it is: Speed: 1018,7 m/s This is off cause with only one rocket engine, so im sure you guys can beat me!
  4. I'll think my SpaceShipTwo meets the recuirements! http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/15851-Virgin-Galactic-s-SpaceShipTwo-WhiteKnight?p=224514#post224514Havent done a speed run with it yet, i might do it tomorrow
  5. We are not going because its easy, we're going because its hard!
  6. I just had to do this challenge We are close to 50 tribute landings now? A great way to say goodbye to an old hero.
  7. I dont think so, the Valkyrie has two tailfins, canards and 6 engines.
  8. WHoa! the Wright flyer! als stable as it was in 1903?? If they could have seen their design in orbit around kerbin.... Sigh...
  9. Its over here: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=17163.0
  10. Behold: the closest i have gotten to recreating the famous SpaceShipTwo+WhiteKnightTwo!! More pics: This is quite hard to fly, but once you get the hang of it its a lot of fun!!! -First rotate the tail into straight position. -Take off, and get SS2 to a height of 15km with the help of WK2, then decouple and fire the rocket engine! -When reentering the atmosphere, use the body of the SpaceShip as an airbrake by rotating the tail upwards! -Then the challenge is to get it to land back at KSC... Damned Robotics Mod and Bigger Gear mod are required. One issue is that the WhiteKnight splits in two bits when you separate, maybe somebody finds a fix for it or has an idea on how to fix that or other things.
  11. Made a new one, this should be pretty obvious... Used Damned Robotics for the hinge obviously. A challenge to fly!
  12. Radial decouplers were a wee bit too strong, had to chase down the bomb with the pilot for half of minute. Meanwhile the unmanned command pod is preparing for landing near KSC The parachutes are open, everything going according to the plan. You can see the command pod and the unmanned bomb in the background. Command pod has landed! Mission successful. Survive fall - check Command pod reusable - check Friends joining in - all three rode the same bomb. Vicinity - I landed 15 KM away from KSC Riding the bomb!! this is dr. strangelove all over again.
  13. I did a run in the new 0.16, with the big fuel tank! 2.577.354 m, stock plane, landed without damage.
  14. Im going to get in...... .....pole position 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  15. Doing all this in one mission? The first person to accomplish this is my new God
  16. It looks like some kind of kind of air breathing cruise missile, This is the closest match i can find, but i dont think its right:
  17. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=8772.0 THIS is the main topic for this challenge i think, Before you start a new challenge, just go back a few pages to see if something similar already exists.
  18. I don\'t know exactly how big the sun is, but that would give them a headstart, wouldnt it?
  19. Last time i checked you can\'t actually crash into the sun... you could still calculate the kinetic energy you have while passing trough the middle...
  20. did you just mount a cockpit as a tail fin?? Awesome!!! The plane though; can\'t remember seeing anything like this before...
  21. Here i made a video of my second ship: The Mighty Plurtle II It\'s really controllable and the high tail leaves some space to make landings and take-offs with a higher angle of attack
  22. Here\'s the .craft, i\'m sorry it took so long to post.
  23. 1. X-wing 2. Space shuttle the name of the craft file is a tiny spoiler
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