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  1. Yes I am having this issue as well. Everything looked wonderful from the tracking station until I went in to launch a vehicle. I was trying to find my launch window when I realised that KSC was rotating under the equator the entire time (tilt seemed to be totally locked all of a sudden. Also, another strange thing I am seeing when in orbit is the whole galaxy swaying back and forth. It's all very weird.
  2. I've got it installed with CKAN, it hasn't prompted for an update in a long time but I am running KSP 1.2.2. CKAN says I'm running KRE version 2.3.2 which does look old. Can I not get the titanium grid fins on 1.2.2?
  3. I've been using a few of the KRE parts in my latest videos and have had a few people query me about not having the titanium (black) grid fins on my craft. I can't seem them in my parts list (only white/grey ones). I can see that there are black fins in the screenshot from the install instructions screen. Do I need some other mod config to get the black fins?
  4. Awesome work mate and thanks for the assistance with the texture config in my upcoming video.
  5. can you make a missile that crash into a flying plane?

  6. You deserve more reputation, how come nobody knows who YOU are?? :)

  7. EDIT: Pretty sure it is being caused by the KSC Switcher mod. I figured it out because as soon as I got off the KSC on the ground the science readings would pop in fine. It was only when at the KSC it wasn't working. After removing KSC Switcher, the KSC science readings started popping in fine. Possibly because the KSC switcher makes the science readings appear to come from that particular version of the KSC that you've switched to. I've just removed the mod anyway, I don't need it at the moment, but could be something to look into. I'm starting a play-through with the GPP mods with KSP 1.3 and for some reason X Science is not notifying me of science on Gale ground. As soon as I take off, science is pinging me though. Anything that would cause that? Is there like a minimum notification setting or something? Most of the readouts are under 5 points, so was thinking perhaps there is a setting somewhere. Any thoughts?
  8. If anyone is interested in my brute force attempt at this... say hello to my little friend.
  9. No problems mate. Thanks for posting for me. Yes it was a fun challenge and I couldn't help myself trying to make it even more troublesome with the low tech parts requirement. Thanks for starting this thread. I think everyone has had a lot of fun. Originally I wanted to also try to rescue from a retro orbit between Eve and Moho but the exta DV requirement made it pretty impractical with low tech. I wouldn't mind doing a brute force method as well (burning right from kerbin to retro orbit and back again) but the DV needed would be massive (like 45k crazy or something).
  10. Just thought I'd say Thanks for Watching! Good luck with your RCS woes. Locked camera mode is your friend here (lets you easily interpret directions. SAS mode can cause all sorts of strange issues with RCS. A lot of the time I turn SAS off, and then use WASD and IJKL with HN all at the same time using small adjustments. Takes practice, but it will become easy over time. I did one tutorial here that may help
  11. Yes I have another thread about this on reddit. Switching view using the V key works as you say the first time. But you cant try to press W immediately. You need to wait until the camera stops moving after pressing V before you attempt to move forward with W. That then seems to re-orient. As you say, rotation around the X axis just doesn't seem to work, whereas rotating around the Y axis works quite fine. Almost seems like a bug to me. Someone mentioned something about a click drag option. But I haven't tried that yet.
  12. Yep. It can be a bit tricky. I've just done up a video showing EVA's in rescue missions. Interested to know if this helps you at all. You want to first hit the R key to enable RCS, then point your mouse in the direction you want to go. Then you use WASD keys with Shift & Ctrl... As stated by others, just little tiny bursts.
  13. I've done a video up for you to explain just that (it also demonstrates it in action with KSP). Enjoy!
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