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  1. I totally agree about unifying the style, and if you want help texturing I'm pretty good with Maya and would love to pitch in. In all of my installs, from .23 on or whenever I started playing, I've never had your blue-stripe textures show up on any of the smaller tank parts, just the big one and the tritium tanks. Never understood why, I'd love them to all look unified. But at the same time, the stripes are asymmetrical and I think could look much cleaner or more detailed? More techy, perhaps? I can model rather well too, but have no experience outputing Maya to Unity specifically, yet. It's your mod, your vision. If you want some assistance realizing that vision, I'm at your disposal. Been playing with 1.02 a lot lately and it's sorely missing your awesome parts! Yours and B9 are my most anticipated updates, hands-down.
  2. As always, let us know if you need any help with this one, Jandcando. Texturing and modeling I can help with if you desire, but code-stuff isn't my realm. It's your baby, but many of us would love to help you take care of it if you want!
  3. Hi Jancando. Take your time with the updates, if you need modeling or texturing just say the word! Meanwhile... I'm going crazy, here. Been using your mod for months, and I can't find the hydrogen intake anywhere tonight in .90! Building a modified II/HX/IXS ship that's doing great, but my converter module is minus the main thing I need it for! I know I've used them a dozen times before, and found the converters, but can't find the intakes to save the manatees tonight. Help if you can! Everything else is there, engines, tanks, RCS, so I know it's just me... EDIT: Nevermind, sir! Found it, in Utility, the black intake scoop. I had forgotten what it looked like, it's much like a regular air intake. Posting location for future brainfarters:
  4. Thanks for the quick response! Parts are showing up now, I thought perhaps it was just me messing up the install previously. But now they're coming in times two, doubled, cloned parts. I can't find any differences between the two, but it seems like every part is doubled? I did a clean reinstall as well, to be sure. Am I doing something else wrong, now? This doesn't effect usability so far, which seems fine. I just really wanted to try out your wonderful parts!
  5. I installed it as usual, but none of your parts are showing up? Where did I go wrong? Does the Parts folder in your GameData folder go into the main folder, instead?
  6. I'm also having RedParadise's issue in 1.02. The "main central engine" in some of my craft chills out while the radials or wing-mounted engines keep rockin'. It happened a few times in .90, but I assumed it was simply the craft balancing to optimize the vector. Not sure if it's a bug really? I mean, it seems proper, but not ideal. I didn't know you could switch of TCA per-engine though, so that solves the problem on my end if I can map it to a hotkey or action group. I honestly just assumed that my craft sucked and that TCA was trying to balance out my assembly idiocies! Great mod though, I've used it to successfully launch hundreds of craft that were otherwise a bit iffy, even with MechJeb!
  7. Indeed, and in real life the moon, the Earth, and all bodies are also emitting their own charge. Charge is photons. It's why the moon and, say, Enceladus, are so far over albedo in their "reflections". And also why Uranus' atmosphere is so intensely hot (1900F). But the charge field is so small in comparison to gravity at the macro level, we won't see it in games or most physics really, even though it answers many such questions and solved all kinds of problems with the various standard models. I'd love to incorporate the charge field into KSP, but then the planets, moons, and their orbits would all have to change to make physical sense. As it stands, they're just placed arbitrarily and have no physics balance between each other. It's still a rad game, best of its kind ever!
  8. Hi Jandcando! I love your mod, and use the fusion engines and tritium RCS/SAS on most of my heavy ships and planes. The hydrogen-harvesting you have planned sounds great, too. Keep up the good work! A couple questions: My smaller deuterium tanks have stock textures, not the fun blue-stripey ones shown in your OP. The big tank and the tritium tanks all look fine though. Did I miss something, installing it? Also, do you plan on changing the fusion engine models at all? Or adding new ones? If have some ideas and you need a modeler/texturer, please let me know. I'd love to make some unique, cool fusion engines for your mod!
  9. Here's a quick (5 minute) model of an engine housing in Maya. Nothing special obviously, but given some illustrations and direction I can model and texture just about anything. I like the in-game models and of course many of the awesome mods, but haven't seen anything I don't think I could handle yet. Granted, the game has many limitations as well. - - - Updated - - - Freethinker, do you mean when "switching tanks" that the models change as well, like in B9's HX parts? I use those a lot, and they're among my favorites aside from being completely obnoxious. I'd love to do stuff like that! Not necessarily that size or shape, but modular parts are definitely an asset at gametime.
  10. Thanks for the tip, TheShadow. Good to know. There's always something or other when going from Creative Content applications to various game engines.
  11. I'm proficient in both areas, but haven't modeled KSP-type parts before. They're pretty straightforward compared to most of my work. Here's an example, and a link to my DeviantArt page if anyone wants references. I'd love to work on some models and textures and help out, since I'm no good at programming or coding for game plugins, at least I can contribute something to the community hopefully. http://jaredthedragon.deviantart.com/art/Wine-by-the-Window-2014-436674135
  12. I'm quite proficient with Autodesk Maya, been using it since 2004 for architectural rendering/visualization (arch/viz). Is anyone using Maya for their work instead of Blender, 3DSMax, etc.? I'd love to do some KSP work in Maya, so if anyone is stuck or needs some modeling or texturing done, feel free to let me know. I've got a pretty wicked modeling and rendering gallery if anyone needs some references. So far I've only done realtime work in CryEngine and Unreal, but Unity seems pretty straightforward in comparison.
  13. I found this mod particularly useful in building large stations and ships (B9's HX-size, for example). It's wonderful to be able to change all my big, fat, HX engines to the same action groups once assembled in space! And was very tiresome, without this mod. Thanks!
  14. I was having trouble docking my "bridge" sections to my big HX ships. They would dock just fine, but then if you fired up the engines to go anywhere, the bridge would flop around and either smack the ship or pass right through it, as though it were attached via some invisible orb instead of a large structural dock. My other pieces didn't have this issues, but they also used HX structural hubs along with the docking ports. After a few more trial-and-error missions and tests, I'm almost certain the wonky big docking issues stemmed from Kerbal Attachment System. To solve, dock your sections, stabilize and quicksave if in doubt, and return to the Space Center. Then re-Fly your craft from the station, and the physics should re-balance and treat your ship as a unified architecture. I tried this with several different "bridge" sections, and it seems to work every time.
  15. I'm having trouble with the HX dual-dock piece. After launching, a few thousand meters up it simply disappears. And the physics gets pretty weird. I've tried it on several setups to see if it was just user error on my initial launcher, but it keeps happening. To be clear, I cannot get the dual-dock piece into space.
  16. I've been playing with the HX parts for some time now, they're really quite excellent! Working on a large, modular design nicknamed the SDF-3 for now (SDF-0?). It's too big for the hangers, so I chopped it into a top and bottom section, made launchers for each, and then attached the bridge separately. Also made a large refueler for it, which worked like a charm. HX parts can be tricky at first, but they really help with lag! The whole thing here has under a thousand parts, with many of them being merely cosmetic (lights, little windows, and decorations on the bridge section). (album) http://imgur.com/a/DUe3R#0 I may need to redo the tail section and the bridge, for better in-flight stability (one HX dock isn't really enough to hold that thing tight, it wobbles under thrust but the ship does fine). Then I'll work on a larger docking hanger for beneath, and maybe two more big thruster modules on the sides. I'm having a lot of fun with the HX stuff and it's really challenging! Breathed a lot of life back into the game, for me. (I can't figure out how to make the album show up here? Any hints?)
  17. Not much lag on my machine. Unity still doesn't saturate all eight cores very well. 12-20%. And maybe 30% max on the GPU. Frame rates drop by half at the station, but that's still 20-30 fps.
  18. A little hybrid monstrosity I built recently, to replace my other space planes. Much faster and more reliable with fusion.
  19. So far, only one kerb in that there S3 cabin. Might make a variant for fuel delivery or more kerbals, but I did a full redesign last night from the ground up and made some progress.SSTO, to the Mun, and back. It flies smooth and drives pretty well, too! Uses a little too much monopropellant, but lands nicely back home. I used a fifth fusion engine down below for VTOL in low gravity, instead of failing over and over to use lander legs to prop it back up on its engine-booty.
  20. That looks like the Overlook Cabin (I think it's called?) from the B9 Aerospace mod.
  21. I made a space-truck with the B9 S3 cockpit. Even made a semi-type truck bed attached by docking ports. Then I made it all VTOL. Then I made a launchable fusion-powered version. It lands horribly back home, but does fine to the moons and drives quite nicely.
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