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  1. I'm trying to build a forklift/platform lift using the Klaw and the Infernal Robotics actuators. But regardless of where it is mounted, if the frame that the klaw is mounted to moves upwards, the klaw resists and deforms the frame.
  2. Just updated my game to 1.0.5 and have launched two vessels which both landed with the pilots unharmed. Upon trying to recover the vessels however, I get an endless loop of 'Do you want to recover the vessel?' followed by the recovery inventory. The vessels and their pilots are still where they landed. Any thoughts please?? Val is currently my top pilot and she's unrecoverable out in the wilderness!
  3. Not sure how to pm here, but yeah, I could record some keys for you. Not sure what level of skill you want but I'd be happy to give it a go! Soundcloud.com/kantpredict
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