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  1. Hi everyone,I'm new to this forum. I've ran into a small problem yesterday while playing Kerbal. I went into the SPH and tried to edit the what was in my container type B (KAS mod), but the Edit Container GUI wouldnt show up. After trying different save games (backtrack saves, sandbox game save and even blank save) and it had nothing to do with it. I then uninstalled and reinstalled Kerbal, then I installed KAS and everything went fine. I then added a bunch of mods (B9,TAC ls, LLL, KW, Dock align, rcs build aid, agm, etc.) and kept trying to see if i could edit containers. Everything went well till i added the tweakscale mod. Oddly everything was working fine up to yesterday, nothing was added or removed from my game for at least 2 weeks. I'm using KSP 32 bit on windows, while my bro is on the 64 bit (linux) and everything works fine for him. I went into the tweakscale mod files and edited the KAS_Tweakscale.cfg to remove the lines reffering to the containers as well as the attachment piece that goes with it, but the problem was still there. Tryed again after completely removing the cfg file, but with no success. So far i can still use both mods, but i have to either go and remove tweakscale when i want to change whats in the containers, or drop them next to the launch pad and add them manually in EVA. Any idea where i should investigate? EDIT: I found the culprit! At some point i went into VAB to build a new rover, but couldnt snap any kind of wheel anywhere until i removed tweakscale. But then the game kept replacing the M1 electric powered wheels by the M1X liquid fuel ones (from Racing Wheels mod) when i was launching the craft. Deleted the mod, then tryed again with Tweakscale and everything works just fine! That Racing wheels mod really seems buggy for the very least =/ sorry for the trouble anyway
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