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  1. apparently yeah, just tried it without having b9 installed and same thing happens. so not related to B9.
  2. strange overheating issue with z200 battery banks. was launching a comsat for RemoteTech, noticed that everytime i blew a fairing the satellite just went kerbal and decided to throw it's parts around the vastness off space. took the fairing off and it started blowing up on the launch pad, first a couple of cubic octaconal struts, then the z200. removed cubic octaconal struts (part i assume doesn't follow laws of physics) and it only had the z200 as a failure point. after taking the whole launch rocket out below it, the probe core, antennas and the z200's are now slowly walking of the launch pad..... stack 4 of them on both sides of octocore+reaction wheels, and magic happens basically... i quess it's the aerodynamic model, but why do the stock parts break not the b9 parts?
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