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  1. Hey, do you by any chance know how to duplicate a part and change it's config using MM? SO you have the original and new part in game?

  2. press quote, then delete what you don't want, then press quote again for a fresh copy, keep doing that until you've split it as much as you need.



  3. Hey, hows your mass driver project going?


    I'd just decided to take a look at a mass driver for my next part mod and came across this. I hadn't previously seen any attempts. I've got extensive experience with textures/graphics and just getting my head around plug in's and models at the minute. I'll be taking a look at the source code shortly. 

    I just wanted to know if your were still actively pursuing this mod? And if you'd be interested in any help?

    1. Northstar1989


      I'd love some help!  I haven't been super-active lately, as Kerbal has been running supppppeerrr slow on my computer since the 1.0x update (waiting for Unity 5 to, hopefully, fix that), but I intend to still re-visit the mod eventually.  Mainly, I just need somebody who actually understands code better than I do- I'm good with config files, but hopeless with actual module coding...


      Best Regards,


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