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  1. Anth's post in Solar panels are being blocked by moons when the sun is in clear view in flight was marked as the answer   
    There were two issues:
    Jool blocking solar panels when they shouldn't be. Moons blocking solar panels when they shouldn't be. Jool is fixed. The moons aren't.
    I have moved any Jool related issues into the following and set it as fixed:
    I am sorry to say that the votes were lost on splitting these two issues.
  2. Anth's post in Relay antenna not working [Cannot transmit science data using Relays] was marked as the answer   
    Using the save file supplied by  @The Space Peacock I found that retracting the transmitter on his rover actually restored communications.
    Might not be the only way that this bug is occurring though.
  3. Anth's post in No Trajectory Lines in Map View [Indicators Like PE/AP are Still Showing] was marked as the answer   
    With help from the community on Discord and @Vortygont's log file and two log files supplied by @ShadowZone I have been able to reproduce this 100% of the time.
    @Suppise Thanks for initially directing me to issues with the F2 key in mapview.
    Steps to reproduce:
    Load a save with a craft in orbit Go to Map View Press F2 twice Go to Flight View Press F2 twice F5 F9 Go to Map View Thank you to everyone who has had issues with this and came forward with suggestions on the cause.
    I can't promise that the F2 key is the only cause of this, but the steps above create the same situation exactly.
    If this is happening without any use of the F2 key please DM me here on the forums, or DM me on discord, and if you have a log file it would be appreciated.
  4. Anth's post in UI/UX BUG: I'm trapped on the new campaign form was marked as the answer   
    I am sorry but bug reports need to be reported via the button at the top of the following page:
    That button opens a form that asks for important information in addition to the bug report, and also allows the uploading of 5 files.
    Before the form the moderators had to move them around the forum which was way too much work for them

    We now have a dedicated group called Bug Hunters that take a look at them for quality before moving to the public area.
  5. Anth's post in Camera Problems... (Not sure if this is the right spot, feel free to move) was marked as the answer   
    Definitely a known bug. On ground press V until it says Horizon.
  6. Anth's post in How to move the NavBall was marked as the answer   
    Be in scene (looking at your craft in the world) then
    Press Escape Click on settings Scroll down to the bottom of the settings and you will see NavBall Pos (Left<->Right) Move slider right or left
    Apply, Accept, Close
  7. Anth's post in KSP save file time travel into the past was marked as the answer   
    Never heard of that happening but I have the following suggestions:
    Verifying KSP through steam might help Do a quicksave and completely delete the persistent file. then load the quicksave Copy the entire KSP folder to another location on your computer (separate to steam) Backup your saves and then uninstall KSP then completely delete the KSP folder if theres anything left and do a clean install. On each update I do this. Are you the administrator of the computer you are using? (thats a real stretch)  
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