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  1. Version: Stock KSP v1.12.5, Breaking Ground 1.7.1, Making History 1.12.1 System: Windows 11 Home version 23H2 64-bit, Intel i5 12400F processor, AMD 6650 XT graphics card Booted up the game yesterday and the menu screen looked text looked all messed up. A friend joked it looked like a barcode. Booted it today and it displays the same behavior. All options are usable like normal, and the Settings screen looks fine - no issues I can see there. Ditto for starting a new save; everything in-game looks fine too. It's just the menu screen looking like I'm checking out at the store. Image in spoiler.
  2. Banned for using a forum that does not support audio.
  3. Played National Park Girls while camping in an actual national park the other day, that was quite amusing. But even just a few weeks in, this semester is already taking away much of my time to relax Have been thinking about starting a new Minecraft modpack, but TBH I can't decide which. Whenever I decide to do a playthrough, it's generally a kitchen sink modpack and I get pretty bored once I have most of the basics figured out IE having generally all the materials I need, having enough power, having enough food, etc. Never really get super involved and end up doing much of the same thing over and over.
  4. My recent (and TBH only) Science Mode save has had a naming scheme generally following military vehicles that goes as follows: Most "programs" get the name of a British tank from WWII. Programs are usually things dedicated to exploring a certain body or having a certain goal, sort of like Mercury, Gemini, or Apollo. I have had Comet, Crusader, Matilda, Cromwell, and Valentine so far. I can't right now remember what everything was for, although I think Crusader was for Duna and I do know that Valentine was for the Mun and possibly adapted for Minmus. I also like saving the boosters of different programs, and the Valentine booster got a ton of use. There were many payloads that honestly were too much for the poor thing and required a stupid amount of boosters to work. Eventually I reworked the first stage with better engines before I finally bit the bulet and make a booster that, y'know, worked. These rockets and boosters will go through different versions and get roman numerals after them to denote versions, such as Valentine I, Valentine II, and Valentine I-L. I ended up modifying the Valentine CSM to use for an asteroid capture mission, calling it Valentine Redirect. Super original, I know. Space stations take the name of USN aircraft carriers. Ranger was my first around Kerbin, and eventually replaced with Yorktown after a Kraken attack doomed it. Hornet is a copy of Yorktown put into orbit around Minmus - the idea being that Hornet was another of the Yorktown-class carriers. I have some ferry craft that take the names of USN destroyers as needed. Bases take the name of USN battleships, though I tend to specifically use the Standard-type names. For example, Nevada was the first base and was set down on the Mun. Pennsylvania the first base on Minmus. Other random craft get random names, such Explorer Red as my first scouting lander to Duna. ExRed I was a failed landing-turned-flyby, ExRed II managed to make it to the surface. Helldiver was a series of craft sent to get as close to Kerbol as possible. Project CeeBee (yes, intentionally sounding like SeaBee) was Close Body Exploration to set up first temporary then permanent bases on the Mun and and Minmus, with a prototype ISRU base on the latter. Even further down the latter of caring about names were a couple probes sent to Laythe and Eve that just got [body name] followed by [roman numeral].
  5. 2341: There's a computer screen that rearranges the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 between "1234" and "2341."
  6. 0/10 Unfamiliar face. Used to be pretty active here, but in the past several years I've shown up every few months or so.
  7. I've been attempting to download the installer for KSP 1.12.2 for Windows, but each time I am unable to run it. I am able to download the .exe installer, and then when I run it, I get past the permissions popup (Windows making sure you know that you're running something you've downloaded) but then it come back with a window that looks like this: https://imgur.com/gallery/4kQuq7x It says, "The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program." I get a similar response when I use the .zip as well, with WinZip telling me it cannot unzip it. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a larger issue? Update: Simply trying again today has seemed to work, with the installer running like normal. I'll keep this up in case anyone else has a similar issue.
  8. "You have earned 68 million miles on this voyage." LOL
  9. The Subaru logo is a stylized version of the Pleiades, or "Seven Sisters" which is where the company name comes from The C1 Corvette was originally meant to look European Despite the common claim on the Internet, the American M4 Sherman was in fact meant to engage other tanks in combat (I will save you all from an the mini essay I could write on this subject, unless someone wants me to) Even though we all think of Dave Grohl as Nirvana's drummer, the band went through a number of drummers before settling on Grohl During World War II, the US heavily considered using the British 6-pounder antitank gun for use in its tank destroyers (specifically thinking of the T49) due to the gun having superior close-range armor penetration performance to the American 75mm M3 gun. However, at long range, the smaller round of the 6-pounder/57mm lost a lot of potential, even performing worse than the 75mm. Dr. Pepper soda is supposed to be a cherry flavor. I did not know this until a few months ago. The Scottish soda Irn-Bru is only officially sold to the US by a single importer, Great Scott International (this is why it's so expensive for me to drink the nectar of the gods). To this day I have no idea what flavor it's supposed to be other than "yes."
  10. The Ko-Sa-Ni-An Meth-od Ko (as in cocoa) Sa (the a as in "say ahhh") Ni (as in the knights of Ni) An (like the English word "an") This is what I get for using old Czech words as a basis for a username...
  11. I'm trying to wrap my head around that video clip of Ingenuity flying - that's an aircraft on another planet in full color.
  12. [Me waiting for my professor to end class so I can watch the recordings] I don't want supply and demand, I want Mars!
  13. And the snow was... meh. We got a bunch of sleet and ice. I woke up at around 8:30 yesterday and thought it was raining, but no it was just my roof getting pelted by ice. It was entertaining watching the plows try and scrape ice off the roads all day, but you really couldn't do much other than shove ice around. The roads weren't totally clear near me until the ice started melting.
  14. I took a couple quick screenshots during the first part of the press conference, IDK if anyone's posted these pictures yet. https://imgur.com/a/5NWVJsG
  15. A fellow Virginian I see! I'm currently trying to get into a four-year college myself, don't think I'd ever make it at Tech though.
  16. I took the course way back in 2015, and staffed it a few times since then. I was supposed to be an SPL for a course last summer before everything went nutso. We're trying to plan for a course this summer, who knows how it'll work out.
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