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  1. Yes that's correct but Kerbin Side Remastered is a different mod then KerbinSide(continued). Also the author of KerbinSide has pointed out issues with the latest version. My plan was to make GAP flights for Kerbin Side Remastered. But before I put a lot of time and effort in making the contracts I want to know if @inigma is cool with me using parts of his mod to create additional flights for KSR as follow up to the original GAP missions.
  2. Hi @inigma, First of all thanks for this great mod! I really enjoy it. However with the Kerbin Side Remastered mod there is a lot more potential for your mod. Now you have already stated that you want to keep it to the vanilla game+dlc. So my question is if you mind that I create some default flights from/to KSR airports in addition to your mod? I have already created some (successful) test flights with ContractConfigurator and KSR airports. I wanted to DM you but since this is my first post in years I was not allowed to Thanks!
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