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  1. good point how does one do this action I honestly didn't expect someone to just whip up a mod i am incredibly impressed
  2. Has anyone had the idea to to try and find a way to use these deployable panels as a method of providing power to bases on the the surface of say like duna. If there is a mod to do this please direct me to it. Maybe i am overthinking it and if not could someone try to do this i would absolutely get that mod. Or if lots of people want this i might make a poll. ----------------------->
  3. I didn’t think of the earth baddie idea it sounds like a cool idea
  4. This reminds of a saying the cake is a lie. It took me while to find the photo
  5. Indeed platipie are quite resilient to many things and don’t need light to swim just a fun fact Jim could include in the story
  6. I think fairly plausible is good enough for me I just want to see how the earth experience ties into the normal story
  7. You could just use an engine that doesn't burn it's fuel completely like a H2 and O2 fueled engine and then the leftover fuel could be burnt in the ramjet adapters
  8. How about a thing with the rebuilding the kerbal thing is rather funny and could add a nice plot twist
  9. What ever happened to the rest of Emiko story on earth just curious
  10. This teaser made my mind twist in a way I didn't think possible I think the twist for your story is with the kraken to get information for the kerbals or with the dalek like critter thwompberry
  11. Normally I am a stock player I have never used mods in my life but I was seriously thinking about it for this mod
  12. @JustJim No one said it had to be done legally and the contract holder can't defend it for himself because he is possessed by a kraken just kidding.
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