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  1. I have made different variations of the rocket you see in the video and the game still crashes, yes, EVERYTIME. I have tried roughly 15 times, even on a different launch pad. What you see in the video is what happens literally everytime. Two seconds after the video ends is when the game crashes, no performance issues at all. It's a relatively new game in career mode. I have only two satellites, one orbiting Kerbin and one orbiting the Mun, so there is zero lag and the game runs perfectly smooth. Then it crashes. Yes I have the DLC installed and I am using at least one part that I know of; the lander. As for additional information, I used the exact same rocket (except without the additional two boosters) in the video to actually get to the Mun and get out of orbit of the Mun. Problem was that I always ran out of fuel before I could correct my trajectory to land on Kerbin, so I added two extra boosters, and that's when the game started crashing.
  2. I built a rocket capable of going to the Mun and back from Kerbin. The game crasheses everytime before the rocket reaches 300m/s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QNiTwLzR6E
  3. And how about the PC players who got it for free for buying early access? Those of us who bought the original KSP on console are essentially the exact same. Getting the Enhanced Edition for free was nothing more than them fixing a game that was broken beyond repair. A mistake that should've never happened. They should've tested it and delayed the release date.
  4. Should've delayed the original console version, too. Glad you're learning from your mistakes.
  5. I just solved the problem, I put the craft in low orbit of Kerbin and recovered the vessel from orbit. I feel like its cheating though.
  6. I landed Jeb on the Mun and safely landed him back on Kerbal in career mode in the enhanced edition but I cannot save/go to main menu/go to space center/go to tracking station/recover vessel. I tried EVA, going into map, pressing random buttons, turning the throttle on/off, and nothing I've tried seems to work. I also tried re-loading my last save which was Jeb on the Mun about to take off for Kerbal, but same problem every time I land on Kerbal.
  7. Here's the problem: one of them later said that they think it would be great if what I said would happen. Thing is, if you agree then why explain why you THINK it won't happen? What's the point in that? If you agree that Squad should apologize and compensate people for their mistake, then just say so. The more people who want an apology and compensation, the more likely it'll happen (definitely not saying it WILL happen). Explaining why you think something won't happen doesn't help anything here, if anything it deters people from requesting the same thing. Squad needs to apologize and make this right, end of story. Will they? Probably not, but its worth a try to demand it. I've had lots of bad experiences in forums. An example: my friend requested that characters in Ark: Survival Evolved be allowed to be transferred from the old official servers to the new official servers via a Facebook post/comment on Wild Cards Facebook page. My friend was insulted with words that would get me banned/suspended from these forums if I repeated what the commenters said to him. Some even told him to kill himself for requesting that. 50+ negative/insulting replies to his comment and just a few positive replies, all within a few hours. I wrote something similar on their website and was met by the same result as my friend (no where near as bad as the replies he got, though). Similar things happened on other suggestion forums I posted on. That is why I hate going on forums. (kind of off topic, but just covering my bases: yes I know Ark was in early access, but other multiplayer games allowed people to keep their progress after early access/beta, and Wild Card never said anything about deleting servers one by one, not being allowed to transfer characters, and not offering support for legacy servers all after release. We only play PvE so no, we would not have an advantage over other players if we were allowed to transfer our characters. And yes they DO have the power to at the very least give you the amount xp you earned in legacy servers to a new character in the new official servers, but they refuse. Yes, I heard its not hard to level up in Ark, but some of us have jobs and college that prevents us from spending hours upon hours of grinding. And there are things they could have done to prevent people from immediately going into PvP after a characters transfer) In real life people don't usually tell you to kill yourself or insult you for stating an innocent comment about something. But you are right, they were simply giving their opinion. But like I said, it doesn't help anything.
  8. This is why I hate going on forums, people are so quick to shoot down your ideas without even thinking, even if they don't know what they're talking about. Everyone wants to prove people wrong in forums, and that doesn't help anything. People trust a company more when they apologize for their mistakes and use that mistake to make their company better. Here's a small example of an apology they could make: "We apologize that the original release of KSP on console was a failure. We failed to properly test it before release, and as a result we had to re-port the game from scratch which took a year and a half, longer than originally expected. We took our time on the re-port because we wanted to give our fans on console the best experience of KSP possible, and we wanted it to be perfect. We hope you enjoy the newly re-ported version of KSP. As a show of good faith, everyone who previously bought KSP on console will get a discount on a future game. We will use this mistake to better our games and oursevles as a company." Definitely not a perfect apology, but you get the idea. I already knew neither will probably happen, but its the only way I'd forgive Squad. Maybe it was a cash grab, maybe FTE gave them their build and Squad releaseed it as a finished product after successfully building and launching a rocket or two, maybe they used some kind of inaccurate emulator to test the console version, or maybe due to some impossible miracle they did properly test it and no bugs were found. Whatever the reason, Squad is at fault, and this is why I would like a detailed explanation, however that is very unlikely to happen. Take Two is the parent company of Rockstar, and Rockstar made Grand Theft Auto V. I have had countless glitches happen in Grand Theft Auto Online and I have always been properly compensated by Rockstar for those glitches, like when my Adder vanished they gave me the money to buy and customize a new one, plus a little extra for the inconvenience. That is why I believe Take Two will allow compensation. I understand Take Two isn't the perfect company, but they did allow compensation. I also understand Rockstar getting greedy with shark cards, so no reason to point that out. I love companies that take their time to perfect a game, even pushing back the release date to do so, like Rockstar. However, KSP on console was far from perfect. I understand the thousands of lines of code make it difficult to port a game, but still, they should have taken their time and pushed back the release date to begin with. Unfortunately they can not do that now as it's too late, so an apology and compensation will have to suffice, even if that compensation is just as simple as a console exclusive feature. (yes I know mods can allow any feature on PC)
  9. Recently I've been trying to think about things in a third person's prospective regarding KSP on console, rather than thinking like a victim. Squad is doing everything they can to make sure this re-release won't be a failure like the original release, which is commendable. Though it is Squad's fault that the original release was a huge failure because they didn't properly test it (if at all). However, I am willing to forgive Squad if they do these two things: 1. Give an official public apology for releasing a broken game as a finished product. The apology can simply be on the announcement forums if they so choose, so long as the thread is dedicated to the apology an not just tagging along on some other announcement like "update 5.3 will bring aliens, UFOs, and monster trucks! also, we're sorry we sold a broken game". 2. Give the people who bought the game on console before the re-release some form of compensation, like a huge discount on a future game, or a free DLC or something. A good example would be Bethesda: they gave all players on PlayStation 3 a huge discount on all three DLC for a limited time on Skyrim because the DLC took forever to get to PlayStation 3. A detailed explanation that explains why the game was allowed to be released in its current state would also be great, but unlikely to happen. Unfortunately giving everyone a refund is out of the question as they probably spent it all trying to fix the game. All that being said, I would like them release what they have now, because like I said before, it can't be any worse than the current version.
  10. I don't currently own a computer nor can I afford to build/buy one. I much prefer the convenience and simplicity of console over PC anyway (I have done a bit of PC gaming in the past), so PC is out of the question. I almost never complain about video games that are playable, so no I would not complain. I recently bought Shoppe Keep and it's probably more buggy than KSP on console, it even corrupted the saves regularly, even more often than KSP does. I complained to them about the save issue via e-mail and they told me they're already working it, the next day they released an update specifically to fix the corrupted save issue. Though the game is still more buggy than KSP, I have zero complaints about it because I can still play it, progress through the game and the saves no longer corrupt. So no, I would not complain about KSP if they fixed the corrupted save issue at the very least. They fixed that issue in Shoppe Keep a few days after release, yet it's been almost 15 months since KSP was released and still not even an update to stop saves from corrupting. I understand that KSP is dramatically more complex than Shoppe Keep, but like I said before, why not just fix the corrupted save issue then re-port the game from scratch like they're doing now?
  11. Almost 15 months now and still no update. At least they're acknowledging the situation and keeping us updated on their progress every week... All I wanted was for them to stop the game from corrupting and to make it freeze/crash/become unresponsive less, then slowly fix the game update after update over time. At the very least they could've stopped it from corrupting, then do what they're doing now, which is re-doing the whole thing. At least we would've been able to play the game relatively safely while we waited. Why not just release the build they have now as an open beta/early access? From what they said they have a relatively working build and the saves don't corrupt, that's good enough for me.
  12. You know what they could've/should've done? Released the current build as an open beta for those who bought it for console. Not for testing, but so they can play a better version than what's currently available while they wait for the game to be re-released. AKA early access. It is now July 12th and has officially been a full year. I will certainly not be recommending KSP to anyone ever again and I will never again buy a game from Squad.
  13. I was thinking the same thing! Why not allow everyone who bought the game for console to participate in the beta?
  14. That was directed at everyone, not just you.
  15. Sure, you can start up the game, build a basic rocket, and launch it, but that's about it. If you consider that playable, then yes. But if you plan on actually playing it, even for a day, good luck with that. Personally I don't consider that playable at all. If a game crashes frequently, becomes unresponsive frequently, freezes frequently, and corrupts almost daily, then I do not consider it playable. In all my years of gaming since the days of PlayStation 1, I have never seen a game so unplayable. Its impossible that they didn't know it was this bad during testing, if there even was testing. Either they knowingly released a far from finished game, or they didn't even bother to test it. Both are equally bad an unprofessional, so stop praising/defending them because they're either greedy or irresponsible. Also, it's past half of 2017, so much for their goal of early 2017.
  16. I do not consider that playable at all.
  17. Back in the days on PlayStation 3, the DLCs for Skyrim on PlayStation were delayed by many months. As compensation, all Skyrim DLCs were half price for the first week on PlayStation 3. Mods aren't the only thing some people could learn from Bethesda.
  18. I know for a fact that there has been no update for the PlayStation 4 version, not sure about xbox though. I lost 3 career saves within two weeks of buying the game. Even my back up KSP saves in the cloud storage were corrupted (were automatically overwritten). I even uninstalled the game and reinstalled the game twice. No other game has done any of that. I haven't played KSP since. I'm all out of patience, I've waited almost a year and I'm still waiting. Hell, by the time the update does come out I'll probably have kids and the'll be in college at this rate. They should just release the build they have now as a temporary fix. As for free DLC as compensation, ALL DLC should be free as compensation to console gamers. I paid good money for a working finished product, what I got was a broken game that is taking them almost a year to fix. Like I keep saying, why not just release updates one after another, slowly fixing the game like all other games? As for other console gamers not making their voice heard, it's because people are lazy, they gave up long ago, or they just don't care that they bought a broken game. As for me, I care that I got a broken game, I care that they are not answering my questions, and I care that it's been almost a year.
  19. Then why no answer? Silence is the absolute worst answer you can give to your fans.
  20. Then could you please get a developer or someone with the answers to answer my questions? All console gamers want an answer to at least one of my questions.
  21. Could a moderator please answer these questions: Within the first week or two of playing KSP I noticed game breaking bugs, like multiple corrupted saves and unresponsiveness along with crashes and other things. I fully understand that porting and game development is not easy at all, but anyone who actually played it on console could clearly tell that it is an unfinished product and a broken game, so why did they even release it for console in the state it was in? You only need to play it for a few hours to see that it's worse than an alpha beta. So my first question is this: did they even test it at all? And if so, how is it possible to miss all those bugs? Because that seems to be completely impossible to miss. It looks like they purposely released a broken game and planned on fixing it later as a quick cash grab. And as a result, here I am, still waiting almost a year later with the only information being "we're working on it" and only one single article dedicated to it that was created almost half a year ago. And for my second question: Why not just release updates one after another like most games rather than trying to fix everything all at once in a single update? And don't give me that bs about the very long process of getting Sony or Microsoft to let you release updates, because for many games I've seen updates released rapidly, and you've had almost a year. My final question: Will there be any compensation? I payed for a working finished product, but was ripped off. Instead of getting a working finished product, I got a game that is more unstable than all the betas I've tested. And don't say that the free update is compensation enough. Lastly, I want to say that I am fully aware that new games have glitches, but this is just beyond ridiculous. Not to mention the absence of a single update. On top of that, I'm feeling like we're (console gamers) being ignored. It seems more than obvious that you care more about your PC fan base than your console fan base. I mean look at all the announcements for the updates that are coming to PC and won't be coming to console for months, or a year after if at all. I guess you could say that I'm more than jealous. We're feeling left out.
  22. It hasn't been a full year yet. We still have until July 12 before it's been a year, which is just under two months away. If the update doesn't come out before then, then I'll probably never play KSP again and never buy another game from them ever. On top of that, I believe they said something about the update coming in early 2017, yet 2017 will be half way over in just a matter of days. At this rate I'll probably be adding them to my "do not buy from these developers" list. I was glad that they are keeping us updated on the situation, but I believe that we can all agree that a year is too long for a broken game to go without a single update (it's still version 1.0 on PlayStation 4, never been updated, and no available updates). I understand there's a lot to fix, but this is beyond ridiculous an no reason it should take this long. At the very least they could have released an update that only fixes the corrupt save problem and released updates one after another, slowly fixing the game like most companies do rather than trying to fix everything all at once a year later. Thats one of the best way to lose fans, letting them buy a broken game then have them wait a year before they fix it.
  23. To be honest, you're too late for me. I have no desire to play KSP at the moment now that Ark: Survival Evolved is on PlayStation 4. By the time the update comes out, It'll be about half a year since the game came out and not a single update since then. The lack of information for this console update for the past 5 months is what really ruined it. You only mentioned the console update about 2 times since the game's launch. If you had given us information at least once a month about this update, then I'd be happy.
  24. This is probably going to be my last post on this thread. In the announcements and daily kerbal combined mainly only talk about the PC version (aside from non-game related content such as merchandise). Yes, update 1.2 will eventually come to console, but right now it's only for PC, therefore they're not talking about console when they talk about 1.2. When they do mention console it's usually just a tiny paragraph hidden within talk about the PC version. From what I'm seeing some people on PC on version 1.00 or higher had game breaking bugs and some people didn't have game breaking bugs whereas on console EVERYONE has a massive amount of game breaking bugs. Before 1.00, bugs and game breaking bugs are to be expected because it is an UNFINISHED game. 1.00 and higher means it is a FINISHED game. Therefore people have no right to complain about bugs that occurred BEFORE 1.00. If you expect a working game before 1.00 then your IQ must be pretty low. For the record, there's a huge difference between reporting bugs and complaining about bugs. New games (version 1.00) have bugs, it's perfectly normal to have bugs in a brand new game. However, if it's literally game breaking bugs that occur very often, then that is not acceptable. By game breaking, I'm talking about lost progress such as corrupt saves and things like that. It is more than obvious that they either hardly tested it at all or they knew about it and just didn't care, because I didn't get to play it for long before that stuff started happening. They only mentioned the console update about 2-3 times within the past 3 months and 11 days-or so. When you have game breaking bugs, you need to stop everything and focus all attention to fixing the corrupted saves issue at the very least, because otherwise you're kind of ignoring the issue. I honestly don't care if PC gets exclusive features or gets features before console gets the same feature, because the people on PC (the ones who played and gave feedback before 1.00) helped create the game by doing so, therefore they earned it. To avoid all of this they could have just released a beta for console before releasing version 1.00. If they released an update that fied the corrupted save issue, minimized freezing, and got rid of the game becoming unresponsive, then I wouldn't be complaining. You seem to think that I'd be complaining about small things not working like wheels or docking stations or landing gear, but you're wrong. I'd just be happy to have a game that doesn't stop me from progressing in career mode. I first played Kerbal Space Program back in school. My friend downloaded it to the computer (I don't know where from, Steam, a pirated copy, I don't know where he downloaded it from) but I played it almost every day at school at lunch time. It was on dinosaur computers so we had to keep the creations to a minimum or else we'd literally get 1 frame every 10 seconds. It was really fun, and I was relatively new to PC games (aside from flash games). I really wanted it for PlayStation 3, but I realized that it is not a console game. After high school I took a 2 year info tech course and decided that I would build my own PC and become a PC and console gamer (I still don't have a PC) and download Kerbal Space Program as one of my first PC games. Then I got a job after 2 years of info tech. After I got a job, I went on YouTube and saw that PlayStation uploaded a trailer for a game. Kerbal Space Program was that trailer. I was so excited and bought it immediately with my very first paycheck ever. I didn't expect it to be bug free, but I did expect it to work well enough for me to progress through career mode (I avoided sandbox mode because it felt like cheating to me). Within two weeks all the things I had previously said had happened, so I chose to not play Kerbal Space Program until an update fixes it. I waited and waited and I'm still waiting. I've only seen 2-3 announcements about a console update and I check every day to see if there's an update or if the update is coming anytime soon. Does my life revolve around Kerbal Space Program? No. I just think that it's a really awesome game. Obviously I love to play other games like BATTLEFIELD, Elder Scrolls, GTA, adventure games, unique games etc... If I have a job then why don't I buy/build a PC? Because I'm saving up for college. Hopefully that answers everything before I let this thread die.
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