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  1. Alrighty, cheers. I'll check it out when I'm flying that way next.
  2. Oh, neat. I had already got the Mountains Splashed by the time I got to that area looking for Highlands Splashed, so I wasn't on the look for anything else. Is that locations north/west along the river, just before reaching the confluence/fork?
  3. Landing on the sun? well, I'd have to actually leave Kerbin SOI for the first time to do that. Some day I'll get there (and landed on Jool of course, can't forget that one )
  4. My first post here on the forums, much like my first craft in game, is likely to just sit here on launchpad getting ignored for a while. Anyway, to the point. For a while now, I have been actively seeking out all possible science combinations of biome and situation on Kerbin; Land, Sea and Air. I'm doing this in career mode as a sort of roleplay that they would firstly want to understand their world before launching into space. I remember in v0.90 there were .. let's say odd.. biome boundaries, but that was cleaned up in 1.something. After much google-fu and forum-combing I had all but written of the Mountain and Highlands while splashed down combo's. Landed in Water I had a hunch on, and decided to test that out first. But highlands seemed to be impossible. No one had any news or leads. So I began my quest. Using tips from a forum about kerbalmaps when it shutdown, I figured out how to add Kerbins terrain image file to google earth pro, along with the biome map pulled from the wiki, I played around with transparency to get a visual on where biomes and water might overlap. This gave me around 20 potential sites to investigate, which I painstakingly flew around visiting in sandbox with infinite fuel. After 15 failures, I was running out of determination, but then I remembered the debug had biomes visible in map option... So I flipped that on, saw some potential sites, visited them. Still nope. But finally, one little pixel of colour caught my eye. A bit north of my location, so I flew up there, landed in the river and pootled along. After 2 weeks off work dedicated to this endeavor, I finally found what must be the last Highlands Splashed location in the 'verse. Well, enough rambling. Thanks for reading.
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