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  1. I get this problem from time to time. The easiest and quickest fix I have found is to: 1) Set the docking port on the part you want to un-dock from to disable cross-feed (this makes it easier to find in step 3) and ensure that is the only port on that ship that is set to disabled. 2) Quit the game and backup your persistent.svs save. 3) Edit the save with notepad, search (Cntrl+F) for "Crossfeed = False", scroll up to make sure it's the right ship (since you may have disabled crossfeed on a different ship as well). 4) Scroll back to the port and look for "State = Disengage". That's your culprit right there. Change it to "State = Docked (docker)" 5) Save the change in notepad, restart your game, and you should be able to un-dock just fine. This fix has worked for me many times.
  2. ...and one more thing, so you don't make the same mistake I did with my first drill setup. You must have at least one ore container in the rig. The ISRU cannot convert ore directly from the drill apparently, the ore has to go into a container, however briefly, before the ISRU can convert it. Best practice is to test the thing at the runway or launch pad first. Saves a lot of tears later.
  3. @Wijbrandus: KIS/KAS mod for connecting ships with fuel hoses, or simply fly up and dock with the ship you want to fuel in vanilla. I'm assuming you know this, but since you phrased the question as such I will point out that the ISRU does not hold any fuel itself, the fuel is stored in fuel tanks attached to the ISRU. Alternatively, you can store the harvested ore in ore tanks, fly the ore up to an orbiting station with an ISRU there and convert in space.
  4. Wakaba you're awesome. Not only did you teach this noob what "commenting" a block of code means, your workaround also fixed the bug, and thus saved my current career play-through. There was no way I was going back to a save before I accepted all three contracts, and the loss of my funds was too dispiriting to keep going. Thanks man, worked like a charm.
  5. I guess I'm too much of a noob, but I still don't understand what you did. How did you temporarily solve the problem? I don't get what you mean by "commenting this block of code." My StationCore.cfg file has that same block of code as the one you posted. Did you make any changes to the code? I get that in five days (or less if you change the code to a shorter time) you can get the contract again, is that what you meant? I was hoping for a way to keep my Mun and Minmus missions form failing just because I succeeded with my Kerbin station mission.
  6. I don't understand how that resolved the issue for you Wakaba. Can you offer a more detailed explanation?
  7. I have read the FAQs. I had three station contracts up at the same time, Kerbin, Mun and Minmus stations, all the same requirements. I launched all three stations at about the same time, not surprisingly, the Kerbin station was the first to meet the two day orbit requirement, the Mun station was counting down and the Minmus station was still en-route to Minmus. As soon as the Kerbin station was completed I got a notification I was successful, however at the same time I got notified I had failed both the Mun and Minmus station contracts. Pretty disappointing, as it took all my cash on hand. Every penny.
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