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  1. "The story takes place in an alternate future, where trains are capable of interplanetary travel." Oh no
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    There so many stories involving a pair of cops where one of the cops is a robot: iRobot, the caves of steel, detroit become human, blade runner, ghost in the shell, robocop, that holodeck epsiode of TNG It even has a TVtropes page https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AndroidsAndDetectives
  3. In Titan by Stephen Baxter, most of the science is hard, but he has what I can "nerd fanservice" They retrofit two museum apollo capsules to land on Titan. 1. The museum capsules are degraded and do not have all components 2. No one at NASA would have experience in using or repairing them. 3. It would be cheaper to build a new capsule than to retrofit apollo museum capsules. 4. The capsules will be used to land on Titan, something they are not remotely built for. 5. The capsules will have to survive 6 years of exposure to space, something they are not built for. 6. They do not replace the apollo computer, but obviously reprogrammed it for their mission. Remember, the computer code was written using manually sown rope. How did they find someone who new how to do that? Why did they keep the old apollo buttons and computer? That makes no sense!
  4. It was a little like if Wile E. Coyote strapped his ACME rocket to his back to catch the roadrunner and then proceeded to give you a 20 minute lecture on the delta-V requirements required to reach the roadrunner who had positioned himself at the Earth-Moon L2 point.
  5. Its Endgame time. All spoilers must be in spoiler. PSA: Avoid stackexchange, lots of spoilers in titles
  6. The OpenAi project finally finished GPT-2... and they're not releasing it due to potential for misuse. Their name is OPENAI! They should release it so we know how it works, because inevitably someone else will create a better version of it.
  7. My macbook goes from 100% to dead in less than half an hour, even when just running chrome
  8. Remember how I said that? Well, I decided to go on r/circlebroke2, which supposedly criticizes of the self reinforcing hivemind of the rest of reddit, but they're worst than most of it. They unironically support EA games and microtransactions just because reddit is against them
  9. Compared to the Lunar Gateway, this is something that a) actually get popular support b) does not require russian cooperation c) accomplishes scientific goals While many plans for the Lunar Gateway had no human landings, the ones that did required long term fuel storage, which a direct moon mission would not require. An SLS could probably launch a direct moon landing, or do a 2 launch EOR, so less launches than building the Gateway. So, this is actually plausible, though it would be far cheaper to buy some seats on Starship.
  10. no autostruts On my PC install, spinning occurs, but not violently. On Mac the spinning continuously accelerates as long as a kerbal is on the ladder.
  11. https://lifeboat.com/ex/antimattershield The lifeboat foundation isn't technically fiction, but it might as well be... According to them, CERN's synthesis of antimatter means the world is in danger of antimatter bombs! Don't mention the fact that you cannot get more energy out of antimatter than you put in, the impractical cost, and extreme inefficiency of production. Also, since antimatter simply annihilates out of existence, there would be no direct fallout
  12. improper reset, you failed to state the correct number at the end last valid post was -7 -6 (+)
  13. last valid post was the_architect, -11 -10 (+)
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