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  1. I went to the mun arch, and discovered something very interesting... (Only click on this link if you want spoilers and don't want to have the fun of discovering the mun arch in KSP 2 yourself!) https://imgur.com/a/LlVQdPf (I found it with the help of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAu43eYhEDI&ab_channel=ETO_XIII)
  2. I made my first landing on the new VAB, and got a picture of launchpad-1! I can't say my landing was flawless... but at least Bill walked away ok!
  3. I've removed my post. (KSP 2 posts should be on "what did you do in KSP 2 today.)
  4. well I've been Playing since 2015, so i'm not very new, but I mainly used Planes, and Hardly ever flew rockets, also thanks for the tip about posting photos!
  5. Well today I did my first docking of a interplanetary vessel, this is the Lander docked to the Habitation module, They still don't have a transfer stage though... https://imgur.com/a/2AR9Jw7
  6. I finished construction on my Gateway single launch space station in RSS, I am yet to launch it, but I cheated it into orbit to get a nice screenshot! https://imgur.com/a/NMoaRmm
  7. i think it would be cool if the revamped parts were added in as variants. like with the orange tank with its ability for a orange variant, a black and white variant etc. so not a complete overwrite of the Mk3 pod because i like some of the re-textured 1.4.1 parts.
  8. is this mod going to be updated to 1.4.1 and the making history expansion? I really dislike the new 3 man capsules design but love yours.
  9. today i made my icon picture a screenshot of my huge interplanetary vessel. The most over engineered and epic thing i have ever made also i am new to the forums and i don't no how to post a image not just a link if anybody knows how please tell me i would greatly appreciate it
  10. when will the DLC come out? its been 4 months or more since it was first announced
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