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  1. I'm excited for finally for able to build self-support colonies on planets and maybe out of kerbal system)
  2. Also waiting it, but i have feeling that maybe not in this year Someone probably might fix in github but due to ARR license - nobody will can publish those... I can only hope that dev might decide to push current changes to github (so we can build unstable build) and let community to do fixes at least...
  3. Oh, thats... very sad, sorry for your loss, hopefully it will be better over time.
  4. Any news about update? Can we at least have unstable github update - so who want can test?
  5. Hopefully we can get update as Easter gift atleast) Still waiting, how can we help?
  6. Is there any change to get some fix for "Day side on undiscovered planet is shift by 90 degress" issue with combination of TST + RB ? Really annoying one, can't continue play & stream ksp because of this, as its way noticeable graphic bug what breaks laws of physics (light emitting). Or at least where to dig that bug, can try fix myself but have no idea how TST can make such bug... EDIT: just tried without TST - and still same issue! So its issue with researchbodies not TST. EDIT2: After some digging, setBumpOff in ProgressiveCBMaps causing that issue. when disable (comment out) this func light position is right, but of course terrain have height map: Now question is how to fix this properly. Not really sure. Tried to generate empty texture instead of null, got this weird result: Have no idea how to fix this really. Any ideas?
  7. @Murdabenne Yeah i know about that i should provide logs, but as i'm developer i did already look into them there there is nothing (at all) what can help with that problem - there is simply no errors! Like i said its 100% time happens for me, fresh ksp, fresh installed ResearchBodies + CC +TST and new game started. But anyway here is logs: http://www.mediafire.com/file/346ypscb0bv5jmn/logs_20_11_02.zip/file EDIT: created issue on https://github.com/JPLRepo/ResearchBodies/issues/54 @JPLRepo
  8. Damn, have exactly same issue still on 1.10.1 with old ships from previous versions. Seems fine if relaunch ship, but Parking Brake mod helps at least stop it, but moving is really like on ice... No new solutions on this? EDIT: it seems i got whats wrong. If vessel is way lightweight (<800kg) - this bug start happening. If add more mass it seems fine. But this NOT happened on 1.7.x or lower (tested save save pon multiple versions). So start happening from 1.8.x and still not fixed in 1.10.1. I did created bug report: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/26396
  9. Hi, i have problem with latest version. I have sun light on undiscovered shift by 90 degress by some reason, tried without all mods except required in new game - still same. Here is few examples: Without mods, gilly is undiscovered, but duna yes. look at planets day side. And same with others mods already (both partially discovered only): Whats wrong? Really not sure why i have this glitch. If remove mod or discover planet - then everything become normal.
  10. I gave it a try, and here is result: 1. You still includes in backport wrong modulemanager version, as i said before it creates various problems for 1.3.1 is use v3.0.6 instead of v3.0.4. 2. Problems with huge fps drop from 1.3.1-8 are gone, but it still much lower than stock version even with only kopernicus installed without anything else. So basically i have same performance issues like in 1.3.1-7. 22 fps vs 45 fps with no kopernicus is still huge difference (or 45 fps vs 80+ with only kopernicus without any other mods). This means there is no difference for v1.3.1 with performance between 1.3.1-7 and 1.3.1-9. Maybe i can try later v.1.4.3 as separate installation to see if i have this problem on new ksp.
  11. ok so i did test it and result is next: 1. first of all - you included wrong version of module manager in backport, last version what works properly with 1.3.1 is 3.0.4 and with 3.0.6 i have various problems (starting from loading screen images rotating very fast and so on) 2. Now my fps is even more worse, i have around 10-15 fps in tracking station and slow camera moving (what never happens before). 3. FPS on surface of mun in same location where i did all my tests is same - around 14, so it also worse. When i back 1.3.1-7 fps/camera issue in tracking station is gone, and on surface on mun in same location i have ~23 fps. But still without kopernicus it is around 45.
  12. Where i can find that version? On github latest version in releases is 1.3.1-7. Nevermind, found it on as separate repository.
  13. @Sunesha I have exactly same problem with fps. Here is my original post, and i still didn't got any answer about that from devs. But i did test it only on surface of mun. I can add only one - after playing for a while with some more complex vessels i have now even 5-7 fps on surface of mun.
  14. Продолжаю проходить карьеры и попробовал построить сеть ретрансляторов на муне. Вышло "приемлемо", но могло быть и лучше...
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