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  1. @OP please remove the images in first post Virus alerts on the www.cubbyusercontent image urls http://www.avast.com/lp-fr-virus-alert?p_ext=&utm_campaign=Virus_alert&utm_source=prg_fav_90_0&utm_medium=prg_systray&utm_content=.%2Ffa%2Fnl-nl%2Fvirus-alert-default&p_vir=VVJMOk1hbA&p_prc=C:\Program%20Files%20(x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe&p_obj=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuY3ViYnl1c2VyY29udGVudC5jb20&p_var=.%2Ffa%2Fnl-nl%2Fvirus-alert-default&p_elm=7&p_lex=304&p_lid=nl-nl&p_lng=nl&p_lqa=0&p_lqe=0&p_lst=0&p_lsu=24&p_pro=0&p_bld=empty&p_vep=9&p_ves=0&p_vbd=2018&p_hid=e2acb090-ce33-49be-ad32-eae49603cd84&p_ram=16274&p_cpu=7%2C6
  2. Just dropping here how much I like your mods <3 I get excited, seeing the changes coming in the next update. You definitely deserve a donation from me.
  3. I hope the awesome modders behind this pack are re-releasing this pack for .23, My machine always got a bit laggy when building this monster I hope with some texture improvements and the improvements the devs made for .23 this mod will be more awesome(less laggy) then it ever was.
  4. *drooling* with every image/update you post! I am in love with the soyuz, especially iva.
  5. So i tried to land on Duna. ( with my not so up2date addons ) Crashed a few times, changed deploy drag on chute (it basicly did nothing on airobreaking) and landed succesfully a few hours later! Love this addon! Saw that there was a update so i must try again now haha! sunset @ Duna (rover cam) sunset @ Duna (overview with bugged cart) Keep up the good work!
  6. Very nice! Can you also make "crew-able" parts, like @ http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/9243-v0-16-Damned-Aerospace-Version-1-5-2-Crewtank ? So nice would be the start of real manned space stations.
  7. I'm excited ^^ would like to see your progress. with 80,90 and 50% can we expect some screens within one week? This would be great for the future KSP with docking etc ^^
  8. Oh nice, i tried it few times but failed Can you share the .craft file for the longer shuttle? Stop making me so curious! Hehehe (check-post-interval = increased) 8)
  9. I played with this shuttle\'s so much! And today finally made it back to the space center and landed 10 meter next to the runway! Video: Lost the front wheel when jettisoning the FuelTank still landed ! Anyway. I just want to say Thank You for this awesome craft! Keep it up.
  10. If you are still thinking about server side code, and have experience with javascript, take a look at Node.JS. I already tried it with the telemetry addon \'easy\' server setup
  11. You sir, are awesome! the Cart is always a lill to big for me Thankyou! 8)
  12. Was Thinking about log file reader first for test purpose. Later an automated hourly script that reads log file and writes to database, Clear log after while only saving what you want. But yes this can be MASIVE <3 amazon cloud haha
  13. I Like this very much ^^ I can see this working for \'multiplayer\' somehow. (a bit) --------------------------------------------------------------- 9 users online with multiplayer command pod - User N sends his data to the server. = Server broadcasts Users N\'s data to all other users. .. All users get updated shit positions. --------------------------------------------------------------- Problems? -example: \'User 2\' has lots of lag and slow/interupted connection, he misses 10 sec of broadcasts. so all other users will see \'User 2\' warp, and \'User 2\' will see all other warp. - Debris will not be tracked. Only the active module/command pot ( +side is that everyone\'s space will be clean except with your own debris) - What if I am \'user 0\' and i have lots of space junk, and other ships will fly somewhere there is no debris ( on their side ) .. will they explode/collide on my client There are lots more problems, but rendezvous with friends in space looks like fun to me -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Best Solution? ( not possible now ) Save file would be server-side. so every junk, bit, byte, star, mun, minute will be stored online and shared with eachother. Problem here? Yes.. Timewarp maybe keep multiplayer 'sandbox mode' and make time clientside only. hehe You will see ships fly very fast from point A to B ??? Just some thoughts, trying to think of how multiplayer Minecraft works. But since multiplayer is 2 galaxies away at least, im just happy with this and I am trying to make a website which displays the data in nice graphs or something =) or nice '3D' Canvas which shows locations and orbits SO MUCH WIN ^^
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