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  1. I can confirm it does work (at least on my machine) if you install it manually, it's just that CKAN doesn't recognize BDAPlus as a legitimate dependency for it currently, so you have no choice but to install manually.
  2. Would you be able to send a request into CKAN to update Kerbal Field's metadata to accept BDArmory Plus as a dependency? CKAN won't let me download it unless I have BDArmory Continued, which is obsolete.
  3. It appears to work in 1.12 just fine for me, just for those who were curious. I thought I found a compatibility issue with another mod, but it was actually a third mod causing issues, so no problems here.
  4. Same issue as Kerbalwings, the F-22 cockpit is stuck with a dark gray color and cannot be switched to white.
  5. @JadeOfMaar Gotcha, no AllTweak it is. As for the issue, I decided to wipe all mods from the gamedata folder and even uninstall KSP entirely, before reinstalling it and using CKAN to rebuild my modlist using only the mods that are absolutely required for the aforementioned crafts. I then added Airplane Plus Things last, and re-downloaded the crafts to test if they would be loaded in correctly or not. Unfortunately, the problem still exists, so I'd like to confirm if this is a problem that only the craft author can fix, or if there's something wrong with my load order (should I install Tweakscale > Airplane Plus >Airplane Plus Things as I've been doing, or should I install them in a different order?)
  6. @JadeOfMaar I did not have AllTweak installed before, but I am installing it now (unless that's not something I should be doing). Also, these are the crafts in question: https://kerbalx.com/Sir_Cannonball/X-02S-Strike-Wyvern https://kerbalx.com/Sir_Cannonball/ADFX-02A-Morgan https://kerbalx.com/Sir_Cannonball/CFA-44D-Nosferatu I assume it is then the responsibility of the craft author to fix the crafts?
  7. I'm having a bit of a problem with this plugin. I placed the contents of the zip file into the data folder, and after trying to load an aircraft which uses airplaneplus parts, all parts for that aircraft are upscaled to maximum size, and the parts are seemingly dispersed at random. The craft as a result is unusable. I tried placing the config file directly in the AirplanePlus folder, no change. I tried placing it in the Tweakscale folder, no change. I removed the config file, AirplanePlusThings folder, and all its contents entirely, still no change.
  8. I understand that and deeply respect that the mod developer is doing this out of their free time with no compensation, but if they have lost the motivation to continue working on this mod (as you put it, they 'just don't feel like it'), or if real-life matters have become such that mod development is unfeasible at this time (which is entirely justifiable, real life always comes first), it would be great if the developer might be able to inform us of this fact, and perhaps allow other people on this site the opportunity to continue their work while they are absent or involved in other affairs. It's just a bit frustrating to see a great mod sitting in that limbo between "actively supported" and "completely abandoned", where the truth of the matter is too ambiguous to determine whether or not it would be permissible for other folks to pick up where they left off and make updated forks for the mod. TL;DR: I just want permission for folks to pick up this mod and fix the issues it has since we haven't heard anything from the developer about it.
  9. Then why hasn't a hotfix been released to address this issue, as well as the always black-textured F-22 cockpit? I absolutely love this mod and consider it one of my 'must have's, but these problems seem like they should have been fixed a while ago if the developer was still paying attention to and/or invested in the mod. The only reason I haven't made the hotfixes myself is because the mod hasn't officially been marked as abandoned yet, and I don't think it's ethical to release a fork of a mod that is technically still being actively supported. I really hope that the developer, if they are still active and paying attention to this mod, will address these problems soon.
  10. I am currently experiencing an issue with the Type22 cockpit, where the color palette is set to black by default and it is unable to switch to white. Also, is there a github link for this mod? It would make it easier to submit issues and keep track of new releases.
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