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  1. I just had an image of Lunar Starbase pop in my head. Highbays, megabays, tank farm and all. Smaller stage 0 and boosters of course Re: NRHO: The NRHO makes sense only from LOS to earth. Redundant relay sats make a lot more sense as they could be leveraged by all kinds of rovers, bases, landers, and stuff in lunar orbit
  2. Remember fidonet? Still a great fallback protocol when recovering from Carrington II. Works fine over packet radio nets
  3. It is amusing that mere orbit wasn't highlighted as the obvious milestone IFT-3 is straining toward before any other
  4. I always come back to leveraging the payload of lunar Starship. A lunar starship, outfitted properly, is a spacious base. Double digits are a small town, research campus, and/or industrial complex. And every lunar starship planted on the lunar surface is that much less DV required to launch it off the lunar surface. Robots and technicians could convert the tanks into useful space with ground level airlocks etc
  5. Another reason to hope IFT-3 makes orbit ... actually, careful reading of the slide in the post doesn't support the post's assertion that the attempt will necessarily occur during IFT-3. But m going to hope anyway, because why not?
  6. True, but the earth-gravity-well cost figures in as does dv cost to location of use generally. If the use is on Earth, then the case for space-mined resources diminishes. If the use is dv-near the mining site that changes things. So a lot depends on where we plan to use stuff
  7. I remember thinking back in the 80s upon reading about the shuttle tile refurb woes, "if only there were a less expensive spray-on ablative or something". I think now with robotics removing burnt ablator and evenly spraying new layers could be done in an inexpensive way, but not back then as well as now. It was just a whistful passing thought with no real knowledge of the implications of the effectiveness of ablators, the mass of requisite ablator materials, or the aerodynamic implications of flying and landing a spaceplace with distorted, uneven, roasted ablator on it (probably shedding loose chunks of it across the Florida peninsula on return).
  8. Just added this to my reading list "The Apollo Murders (The Apollo Murders Series Book 1)" by Chris Hadfield. Start reading it for free: https://a.co/aXE9Xox
  9. Mostly it would be schweeet PR and internet video fodder
  10. Just...wow: "...the tanks were eventually found. This was, however, not the good news Avio had hoped for. The tanks are, unfortunately, not in a usable state. They had been crushed and were found alongside metal scraps in a landfill..."
  11. My first thought was an island landing pad with refuel support in the Caribbean area located in the most useful location for most launches. But is is probably less expensive in fuel (considering chill overhead etc) to barge it back, so, yeah
  12. Yes. Most just say "yes" and go along to not make waves. They individually don't want to be the nail that invites the targeted hammer. En masse, they invite their collective doom instead
  13. It would be interesting to have a fuel barge near the landing barge, put in just enough fuel into the landed booster to hop it back to Canaveral. Super fast turnaround, bay-bee.
  14. To paraphrase Solzhenitsyn, it is because the people themselves go a little loony. We give the dictator, or police state, permission. We say yes. The line between good and evil runs through the heart of every person. Just say No.
  15. Or switching to a small header tank specifically for stage sep and flip? But that would incur a mass penalty whereas your idea would be a fuel use penalty I suppose. But by implications you highlight the point that the booster's interaction with stage 2 plume was not well understood. I'm thinking rather than more booster thrust at sep, maybe even less, and wait until booster is fully flipped via gridfin weathercocking and RCS before relight. But the key would be a very asymmetrical hot stage section such that stage 2 plume interaction kicks/pitches the booster around more to aid RCS and grid fins. Basically utilize the underestimated plume force to help flip, not primarily brake, the booster. Imagine hot stage section sloped with the slots only on one side , for example. This might (probably) make control of the booster during boostback squirrelier though
  16. The timeline will be completely altered as dinosaurs with thumbs discover fire before primates
  17. I wish people could make direct donations to specific government programs. But, alas, this would be unconstitutional as it bypasses Congress' budgetary control. One can donate to government, but Congress gets to decide where your money goes. Yeah....nope
  18. And pizza dough too! A freefall recipe contest in orbit between famous chefs; Chef Gruel, Chef Gordon Ramsey, and ChatGPT simulacrums of James Beard and Julia Childs! It could get quite heated with so many cooks in the Orbital Reef Kitchen!
  19. There has been discussion for awhile that a distant colony might need periodic introduction of the latest strains of the common cold, flu, etc to keep immunity in sync
  20. One could bake in freefall with nice round dough balls that "rise" in all directions. Then baked into a globe-shaped loaf floating in a zero G convection oven. The air currents in the oven, under raspberry pi control, keeping the loaf from touching the walls. The resultant loaf could be quite useful in physics experiments as a stand-in for a spherical cow until we master how to make those.
  21. Collapse from within from ideological social contagion is another possibility.
  22. It seems relatively safe to assume starvation and pump issues given 1) All engines ran fantastically from ground through stage separation until... 2) Extreme maneuvers happened Therefore highly unlikely to be engine issues, but rather feed issues
  23. That was my understanding, but wasn't sure. So they may simply not know for certain if it was RUD or FTS trigger yet. Unless the FTS sends out a radio signal prior to activation that perhaps uses its own independent radio hardware for robustness, they may not be certain
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