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  1. On 5/30/2019 at 8:32 PM, Rocketology said:


    DISCLAIMER: You are doing this at your own risk so make a back up! There is a possibility that you may have a base/ landed vessel where these will spawn in - you have been warned!
    1. Generate a new save
    2. Go into the Kerbal Space Program>saves folder
    3. Open the persistant.sfs file in notepad
    4. Locate the ROCSeed # and copy it (see image)
    5. Paste into the old save at the same line
    6. Save it and give it a go!


    How do you do this on console? 

  2. On 7/24/2020 at 9:53 AM, peteletroll said:

    I built my first craft with robotic parts a few days ago: an electric plane to explore Eve, with two counterrotating propellers on the front and the back.

    This was fun to fly, at the beginning. Then I noticed it was getting harder to keep in level flight, and so I started investigating. And I found out why.

    Every time the crafts gets saved and reloaded (it doesn't have to be F5/F9, it can be just switching to KSC or another distant vessel, and back), the parts that have a robotic servo between them and the root part move a little.

    Thanks to my modding experience, I found out what happens.

    A KSP craft is made of many parts. Their position respect to the root part is stored in the orgPos and orgRot Part properties, and defines the "pristine" craft configuration, as it was built in the editor: when you launch the craft, its parts appear in their "pristine" position. Then external forces (i.e. gravity) bend the craft a bit, because when in flight all parts behave as if they're connected by springs. If you save and reload, though, the craft is recreated using the "pristine" part positions, and they didn't change while in flight, so the craft will not accumulate the "bending" over save/reload cycles.

    But if there's a robotic part in the craft, some parts may have to change their "pristine" position: if for instance you extend a piston, all the parts moved by the piston change their position respect to the root part, and this must be updated in the "pristine" position information, so that if you save & reload the moved parts will reappear where the piston moved them, and not where they were at launch.

    It looks like KSP updates the "pristine" part position according to the "real" position (i.e. bent by gravity or other forces). This adds up over time, and you find your craft more and more out of shape, until it gets practically unflyable.

    I checked it with a little part module that can log the "pristine" and "real" position of parts, and the "real" position gets systematically copied to the "pristine" position at every save.

    This problem doesn't get mentioned a lot. I found no reports in the bug tracker, and only this in the forum:

    @SQUAD, are you working on this? It could be probably be fixed with a mod, but it wouldn't be easy. Anyway, I'll file a bug soon™.


    A mod could solve it, but not for us console players

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