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  1. ResearchBodies is a really cool Mod that makes Career mode even more realistic by making Celestial Bodies invisible at the start of a new game. Scan the skies and discover planets with a telescope, research them meticulously, and accept new contracts to gather science to advance your space program and unlock the Observatory Facility. Cool, right? Click here to learn more and get ResearchBodies
  2. Watch how Cupcake Landers explores the surface of Duna using some unconventional means of transportation…
  3. Scott Manley shares his thoughts on KSP’s new DLC, Breaking Ground, and builds a few interesting crafts, including his interpretation of Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship II.
  4. Welcome to our official newsletter, KSP Loading…! Do you want to learn about all the current developments of KSP? Here’s the place to be, so let’s get started! Breaking Ground Expansion With the release of the Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion just around the corner, our team is working very hard to wrap up the final details for this exciting DLC. We also thought this would be a good opportunity to dive into a little bit more depth and give you a better idea of what you can expect in Breaking Ground. As we mentioned previously, this DLC is all about exploration, experimentation and technological breakthroughs. We want to give you more reasons to explore Kerbin’s solar system, more things to do while you’re on a celestial body and exciting new robotics parts that add a whole new level of complexity allowing you to build even more incredible crafts. Deployed Science This feature will allow you to deploy experiments on the surface of celestial bodies to take measurements over time. You will need to bring these experiments with you, unpack them from storage containers on your craft and set them up to run. In order to do so you will need to place a central station, one or more power generating devices and possibly a booster antenna to get your science base set up. The experiments and power generators will run better if the right kind of Kerbal sets them up, thus giving you more reasons to bring Kerbals with different professions on an adventure. We wanted to broaden the possibilities for future development, adding a time-based mechanic with deployed science, which also introduces inventory into stock KSP. - Paul Boyle, Lead Designer Let’s look at the equipment available for Deployed Science: Probodobodyne Experiment Control Station This part is crucial if you want to generate any useful data. Acting as the hub for all other experiments, the Experiment Control Station will distribute and control both power and data from nearby deployed parts, as well as coordinate the transmission of science back to Kerbin. Mini-NUK-PD Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator No science base will run without power, and the Mini-NUK-PD Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator will provide plenty of power to run a central station and deployed science experiments. If deployed by an engineer it will more efficient, if they are a high level one then even more. OX-Stat-PD Photovoltaic Panel An alternative power generator is the OX-Stat-PD Photovoltaic Panel, which will also be more efficient when properly set up by a trained engineer. Communotron Ground HG-48 Although the Experiment Control Station has its own data transmission device, if you’re on a faraway planet, you might need to bring the Communotron Ground HG-48 antenna with you to boost the signal of your deployed science base. Go-ob ED Monitor The Goo Observation: Extended Duration Monitor watches the always enigmatic Mystery Goo for a long period of time on a planetary body. As with all the other deployed science experiments, the data collection speed will be increased when placed by a scientist, especially a ranked-up scientist. PD-3 Weather Analyzer This multi-function experiment gathers data on wind, pressure, temperature and humidity to generate a picture of the planet’s climate model over time. Naturally it will only function on a planet with an atmosphere. Ionographer PD-22 This experiment allows Kerbals to analyze different particles and radiation incident on planetary bodies with no atmosphere. Grand Slam Passive Seismometer Unlike other experiments, the Grand Slam Passive Seismometer only operates under one condition… when controlled seismic events are created by crashing something into a planet. In addition to the excitement and fun of smashing things, you’ll collect data instantaneously with this device. Click here to see all images of the Deployed Science experiments in high-res. Surface Features Surface features add a new component to the exploration of planets and satellites in the KSP solar system. These are items of scientific interest scattered across all celestial bodies. These features include meteorites, craters, mineral formations, and even stranger planetary oddities. Surface features vary in size and Kerbal astronauts will be able to pick up and return the smallest of them for study back at KSC. However, larger ones will need to be scanned and analyzed on-site by the newly developed Rover Arms. Exploring celestial bodies and using rovers has never had as much value as we would have liked, and while the real Opportunity is now quietly resting on Mars, we wanted to give the players the opportunity to do more valuable science driving across Duna (and the other bodies) in KSP. So we added interesting new features to the surface of the planets that can be explored and have experiments performed on them. - Jamie Leighton, Lead Developer Rover Arms These parts are used to gather scientific data from surface features. The Rover Arms come in three levels that you unlock via Research and Development, each of which has more sensors and tools that allow you to collect more science from the same surface feature. Only the largest Rover Arm has the full suite of scientific instruments, so you might want to unlock that one as soon as possible! Click here to see all these and a couple more images of Surface Features and the Rover Arm in high-res. Robotics With Breaking Ground, you will see four types of robotic parts - hinges, pistons, rotors and rotational servos. Available in a range of shapes and sizes these new parts operate under realistic physics, with real forces and torques, electricity consumption and even motor mass accounted for. We are also including a controller part that will let you coordinate the behavior of many different parts on your craft. Giving our community the ability to build even more complex creations might seem like a strange idea for anyone familiar with KSP, but it is something the whole team is passionate about. I’m really looking forward to seeing what people can make and animate with the new parts and controller combination. - David Tregoning, Lead Developer Hinges Hinges will give you a limited angle of rotation between two parts. Perfect to create jointed machines for example. Piston The pistons give you linear motion. If set up right, they will allow you to create all sorts of craft with hydraulic-like mechanisms. Rotor Not much to explain about the rotor, it will allow you to generate torque around its axis. Maybe you’ll build a spinning space station or ferris wheel with this, or any other rotational contraption you can think of. Rotational servo The Rotational servo will give you precise control of angular position. Using proportional control, servos have unlimited potential to create all sorts of inventions, where you want to have precise control of the position of certain parts. KAL Controller The KAL-1000 controller can sequence the actions of all the robotics parts, and a number of other fields. Its gives you access to a powerful track editor tool to let you set up how parts will behave over time. Using the controller, you can set up complex cranes, walking craft, disco lighting or whatever your heart desires. Click here to see the Robotic Parts images in high-res. The New Suit This futuristic-looking suit was designed to match the spirit of Breaking Ground. It not only looks great on Kerbals, but its seams glow in the dark when you turn on the helmet lights! For the spacesuit we tried a few options based on existing concepts from real life space programs, but some of those looked too slim or too sci-fi-ish. We also tried different helmets, but something felt weird about the shapes, and as the Kerbal helmet is iconic, we kept the classic shape when designing a new one. Apart from the design, we wanted to give the suit something that the others don’t have: An emissive light at the seams, something that comes in handy to help find your Kerbals when they are far from the sun or on the dark side of a planet! At first, we thought skinning the accordion arms would be problematic, but we managed to do it, and we are pretty happy with the result. We hope you like it as much as we do! - Rafael Gonzalez, Lead Artist Click here to see the Suits in high-res. Additions to the base game With the release of Breaking Ground, the base game is also getting some updates that will add a few new features. For starters, the inventory mechanic that is used by deployed science will be available in the base code, for modders to use and extend as they wish. Additionally, we’re adding two extensions to our action group system. The first one adds another type of action group for controls that let you bind input controls to fields - an axis group. The second adds Action Sets, which allow you to enable or disable sets of axis or action groups. This extends what you can do with a limited number of keys, letting you put your craft into different modes of operation. You can even override the base controls with the action set feature, further fine tuning the interface between you and your craft. We developed these extensions to give players more options to control their robotics, but it certainly will be useful for stock and modded players as well. Finally, we’ve added EVA portraits, so that you can check data on your Kerbals even when they’re out and about. Remember, you can share and download crafts and missions on Curse, KerbalX, the KSP Forum and the KSP Steam Workshop. That’s it for this edition. Be sure to join us on our official forums, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned for more exciting and upcoming news and development updates! Happy launchings!
  5. Matt Lowne’s Blunderbirds take on a mission to rescue Jeb from the depths of the Tylo Cave - after completing his mission to film some scenes for the “Expedition Eve” and “Green Harvest” movies!
  6. Scott Manley takes a look into KSP 1.7: Room to Maneuver and goes on an epic mission to visit all planets in the Kerbin System through a series of gravity assist maneuvers. Nice!
  7. Billy Winn Jr aka. Jatwaa buids and tests a Kerbal replica of Clément Ader’s early steam-powered aircraft, Éole, originally developed in 1890s. Check it out!
  8. Hello everyone! A new technology has arrived to the KSC and with it, Kerbals will only get more Room to Maneuver! We’re excited to release, Kerbal Space Program 1.7: Room to Maneuver, our newest content-filled update that will give players new features and wide variety of improvements to help Kerbals explore farther than ever before! This update includes two new useful navigation upgrades, the revamp of all of the small maneuvering motors, including new variants for the Twitch, Ant and Spider, as well as a brand new galaxy texture map to have our astronauts mesmerized by the beauty of the celestial vault. A great deal of bug fixes have also been packed into this update, not two mention a new 3.75 meter nose cone and a 5m one for those extra-large fuel tanks in the Making History Expansion! Let’s go through some of this update’s highlights: Maneuver Mode Probably the most impactful feature within this update, the Maneuver Mode is a new navigation tool that gives you access to useful orbital information in both Flight and Map mode that will also allow you to precisely and easily adjust maneuvers nodes, all to help you fine tune your interplanetary transfers. Altimeter mode toggle A long-requested quality-of-life feature that will allow you to toggle the altitude mode from Above Sea Level (ASL) to Above Ground Level (AGL) by simply clicking on the new icon to the altimeter. Hopefully this will improve the KSC’s survival rates… Part revamps This time around, small maneuvering engines were the focus of our revamping efforts. The Ant, Twitch, Puff, Place-Anywhere 7, RV-105 Thruster Block, and Vernor Engines now look better than ever, plus the Twitch, Ant and Spider include new stunning variants. On top of that, we’ve added new tuning values on some of those engines. Galaxy Texture Map Update The game’s galaxy cubemap has been updated in Room to Maneuver. This environment map has been carefully crafted to reflect a nicer color palette and more defined celestial objects. With double the resolution, it will be impossible not to enjoy the view while exploring Kerbin’s star system. Click here to see high res images. Scrollable PAW Another small quality-of-life feature we’re adding to the game is the addition of a scrollbar to the Part-Action-Window. This will keep the PAW within the bounds of the screen when they get too big, something that might come in handy for players who use mods and fill those up And more! To learn more you can read the full Changelog here: ===========================v1.7.0=========================== +++ Improvements * Upgraded Galaxy Textures. * Add new flight UI mode that includes in-depth orbital information. * Add advanced maneuver node editor, allowing player to edit maneuver nodes more precisely. * Add an Altitude toggle function to the Altimeter. The altitude modes can be switched between AGL and ASL. * Part Action Windows (PAW)s now generate scrollbars and keep themselves within the bounds of the screen when there is more data than will fit the screen. * Automatic AGL/ASL toggle values when in orbit. The altimeter value is set as ASL while in orbit, the AGL/ASL setting is preserved. * The altimeter AGL behaviour when underwater calculates the vessel altitude from the sea floor. * Update Addons and Mods external site link from Main Menu. +++ Localization * A localization tag is no longer displayed in the status section of the PAW of the Advanced Grabbing unit in the Asteroid Redirect Mission, Part 2 tutorial. +++ Parts Updated Parts (reskinned): * 24-77 Twitch * LV-1 Ant * LV-1R Spider * O-10 Puff * Place-Anywhere 7 * RV-105 Thruster Block * Vernor Engine Color Variants: * 24-77 Twitch (New “Orange” and “Gray and Orange” color variants) * LV-1 Ant (New “Shrouded ” and “Bare” variants) * LV-1R Spider (New “Shrouded ” and “Bare” variants) Other Part changes: * Add a 3.75 nose cone. * Rebalanced the following engines: Twitch, Spark, Place-Anywhere 7, RV-105 RCS,Vernor. * Fix IVA external cameras in Mk1 Command Pod, MK2 Lander Can, Mk2 Command Pod. * Fix EVA range on Cupola, HECS2, RC-001S, RC-L01 science containers. * Previously Revamped Parts moved to zDeprecated. Parts revamped in 1.4: - TR-2V Stack Decoupler -> TD-06 Decoupler - TR-18A Stack Decoupler -> TD-12 Decoupler - Rockomax brand decoupler -> TD-25 Decoupler - TR-38-D -> TD-37 Decoupler - TR-2C Stack Separator -> TS-06 Stack Separator - TR-18D Stack Separator -> TS-12 Stack Separator - TR-XL Stack Separator -> TS-25 Stack Separator - ROUND-8 Toroidal Fuel Tank -> R-12 ‘Doughnut’ External Tank - Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank -> same name - Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank -> same name - Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank -> same name - Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank -> same name - Mk 1-2 Pod -> Mk 1-3 Pod +++ Bugfixes * Fix PQS normals, stops planets from having mismatched seams when seen from orbit. * Fix bug where symmetry would break animations on some parts. * Fix input locks on Return to KSC button at top of altimeter in flight scene. * Fix typographical error in the description of the vessel 'ComSat Lx’. * Fix typographical error in the Suborbital Flight training tutorial description. * Fix UI issue for purchase button on part tooltips. * Fix vessel default name in rename vessel dialog displaying as an autoloc. * Fix manufacturer localization on the Kerbodyne S4-512 Fuel Tank. * Fix jitter in heading readout on Navball for vessels in prelaunch state. * Fix “Learn More” text exceeding size of window in the Asteroid Redirect scenario descriptions. * Fix flag decal on Male Kerbals Jetpack being off-center. * Fix Kerbal falling off the launchpad flagpole causing the flagpole to explode. * Fix bulkhead profile part filtering on MK-0, 2 & 3 fuel tanks, J-90 “Goliath”, Communotron 16-S, RA-2, RA-15, and RA-100 relay antenna. * Fix thermal overlay rendering on parts that have lights. * Fix Debug tool saying LPE for orbit param when its applying Arg of Periapsis. * Fix Atmosphere line appearing from the surface of planets. * Fix Flags and Kerbals loading above terrain (flying) and flags being removed from game. * Fix NaN bug in DV calcs when in orbit around CBs with no atmosphere. * Fix site node waypoints duplicating every scene change. * Fix service bays unable to click parts inside after jettison when part loads. * Fix allow staging of interstage fairings after they are decoupled. * Fix Mk3 cargo bay registering collisions and blowing up parts of vessels inside them. * Fix Engine Plate handling in dV calculations. * Fixed UI scale issue where setting high scale in UI, navball and altimeter would clip off some elements. * Fix Kerbal helmet shadow rendering in “Simple” rendering setting. * Fix decouple node function on docking ports in space. * Fix shrouds being left attached to docking nodes when decoupled (now becomes separate debris). * Fix Responsiveness audio setting appearing in red text in settings menu. * Fix NRE on interstage procedural fairing in editor scenes. * Fix AOORE when Kerbal leaves a command seat on a vessel that has an active ISRU. * Fix issue where Delta-V app menu could become unresponsive in editor scenes. * Fix Navball, funds, science and reputation gauges disappearing when UI scale set > 170% on some resolution settings. * Fix NRE in resources app that could occur when moving the mouse over resources in the app. +++ Mods * Changed Animation behavior of ModuleDeployablePart, ModuleDeployableRadiator, ModuleDeployableAntenna and ModuleDeployableSolarPanel to be WrapMode.ClampForever instead of WrapMode. * ModuleDecouple and ModuleAnchoredDecoupler rebased to a common class - ModuleDecouple. * Add FXModuleAnimateRCS - handles emissives on RCS part modules. * Add EmissiveBumpedSpecularMapped part shader. * Make class DoubleCurve annotate Serializable. * Fix version dependency checking for mods. +++Miscellaneous * None at this time. =========== Making History v1.7.0 - Requires KSP v1.7.0 ============ +++ Parts * Added a 5m nose cone. +++ Bugfixes * Fix cursor disappearing behind Gilly while moving the camera around the planet in Mission Builder GAP. * Fix export filename not updating when mission is renamed and re-exported. * Fix user being able to select nodes from the left hand toolbox in the Mission builder even when that panel is hidden. * Fix the Steam Select Craft to Load dialog window which generated NREs when using Menu Navigation on the Steam tab and launching in the VAB. * Fix message dialog in Meet Me in Zero G stock mission. +++ Missions * The “Craft incompatible” text is no longer shown in the stock missions. Kerbal Space Program 1.7: Room to Maneuver is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third-party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. Click here to enter the Grand Discussion Thread for this release. Happy launchings! BTW… You can download wallpapers of the Room to Maneuver art here: 1080x1920p (Most Phones) 1080x2220p (Galaxy S9) 1125x2436p (iPhone X) Desktop 1920x1080p Desktop 2048x1080p Desktop 2560x1440p
  9. Marcus House and ShadowZone team up in this video to determine which rocket could replace SLS for Orion Exploraion Mission 1 (EM-1): SpaceX Falcon Heavy or Delta IV Heavy from ULA. Check it out!
  10. Kerbal Space Program 1.7: Room to Maneuver releases next week! Check out this new feature that will transform the way you perform planetary transfers.
  11. Tom Kleingarn takes 29 individual rovers chained together for ride. Behold the almighty centipede rover!
  12. KSP Interstellar Extended (KSPIE) is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program that gives players access to contemporary technologies that have not been widely applied to real space programs such as nuclear reactors, electrical generators and thermal rockets, as well as novel new technologies such as fusion and even antimatter power. KSPIE is a sophisticated mod that will put your engineering capabilities to the test! Get it here.
  13. Kerbal Space Program: History and Parts Pack is here! The first DLC for Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is now available for players to enjoy on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The first downloadable content for the critically acclaimed space simulation game adds new content to Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition, featuring missions inspired by historical events, and a wealth of new parts for players to use across their KSP experience. Historic Missions History and Parts Pack includes 10 exciting missions inspired by humankind’s own space exploration. Now you can spacewalk, pull off a crash landing, and attempt to recreate some of the most memorable moments inspired by historic events. All with our unique Kerbal twist, of course. New Parts and a Vintage Suit This DLC also includes dozens of new parts along with a new astronaut suit, all inspired by the historic Space Race. Players can use these parts and suits throughout Kerbal Space Program. New Launch Sites! Additionally, you will also have the ability to launch your crafts from 4 additional complexes: the Woomerang Launch Site, the Dessert Complex, the Island Runway and a brand new Mun Launch Site, not currently available on PC! Free Update Coupled with the DLC, Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is getting a content-filled console-optimized update that will take bits and pieces of all updates we have released on PC after 1.2.1; some of the ones that people like the most, as well as performance improvements, bug fixes, and more! Kerbal Personal Parachutes Personal Parachutes are coming to KSP Enhanced Edition! Kerbals with level 3 and above experience will have fully steerable personal parachutes. You will be able to deploy the chutes using the cursor or via the secondary radial menu. All part revamps up to PC 1.5 There has been a big effort on our side to give old parts a fresh new look, all with the intention of having a more sleek and cohesive part catalog. While staying true to the game’s original essence, the geometry and texture maps of these parts were completely redone. Some of these parts also include new texture variants to choose at will. Yes, you’re getting the variant switcher too! New Suits Both the recruit and veteran classic EVA and IVA Space Suits have been given a well-deserved overhaul and console players get to enjoy it now as well! We knew that such an iconic element of the game needed to stay true to its identity, so we are keeping its style, while also giving it a sleeker look. And more! Click here to check out this release’s changelog. Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition and the History and Parts Pack are available in the Xbox Marketplace and the PlayStation Store. Remember that if you encounter any bugs and/or issues, you can help us out by reporting them in the Console Project within our Bugtracker and/or the Technical Support Thread for consoles in our Forum. This will help us with any future patches for the game.
  14. Hey SQUAD can you add a larger playing area and add a way to move camera up/down for Xbox’s EE version.

  15. Matt Lowne has released Part 2 of the “Life on Laythe” series. Watch him send an impressive ocean base down to the moon’s waters, as well as a land-based station!