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  1. I don't know where it is. I can't use the Commnet network cause I don't know how it works and I might be going on a little nostalgia trip to 1.0.5. I know the general area but every time I try to land there, I just see unlandable mountains. kerbal maps is down and I've had to reload the same quick save 50 times and I am really desperate
  2. I have 3 times already and it's fixed but replaced with a stuck in IVA bug so, those bugs stole 12 hours of my life I will never get back
  3. I know I know there's the NERVA engine but is there anything else? These NERVA engines are don't have enough thrust and can barely do 5 m/s gained per second.
  4. Random question, I think I brought jeb and bob but I can't remember
  5. Today I made my first orange tank cargo SSTO, it did it's job too well having 600 m/s Delta v left at orbit.
  6. I have A lot of mods installed but does anyone know which mod makes this bug or is it just general.
  7. I know you might say go to the website but, it doesn't exist anymore so did anybody save a file of kerbalEDU or wayback machine page to download it?
  8. Hi ive been playing alot of ksp recently and i started to see that my ships were going a bit bland. anyone got any ideas?
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