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  1. Yes. TUBM built a space station.
  2. Idk what they are. TUBM built a moon base.
  3. Yes. TUBM played KSP for over 1000 hours
  4. Yes. TUBM built a space station.
  5. No. TUBM is an astronaut.
  6. Yes in game. TUBM likes explosion/demolition.
  7. No. TUBM never saw a rocket.
  8. No. TUBM landed in Mun 7 times.
  9. Yes. TUBM made a huge rocket that always krakens but reach orbit.
  10. Hello @cargame kerman!
  11. No TUBM have 20 mods in KSP.
  12. No. TUBM have 10 space stations.
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