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  1. I just want to congratulate you Sir on making a site which is a better alternative to that Curse site forever known as the Landfill. This site is the true replacement to the spaceport! Well Done
  2. Thanks all, and don't worry iFly (I often abbreviate usernames) you're probably not the only one to think that
  3. This video: and a google search
  4. Thanks for the welcome iFlyAllTheTime. It's great to see that KSP has kept the fun aspect of the game. I don't think I need to read the changelogs as I have been playing KSP, just not active here
  5. Hi all, I'm boyercam and I'm not actually new here. I joined in 2012 when version 0.14.4 was out. I was online for around a year before getting distracted, probably with building a linux distro, and so left the forums. Now I'm back for beta and so I wanted to say hello again. I have no idea how long I'll remain active here.
  6. I'm having an issue with the program as it is claiming that it has failed to connect to the repository yet has downloaded the first 5 items from the repository.
  7. Just a reminder for Stargazing Live 2014 on BBC 2 tonight (Unfortunately UK only, sorry)
  8. Beautiful, definitely worth de-orbiting a space station for that, bravo!!
  9. I'm assuming its global, so we should all get it at the same time...
  10. What have they done to GT, what's next in fact? Driving on mars!!
  11. Pretty small and compact, it's a Kerbal version of a Smart-fourtwo! Someone just HAD to bring it up, at least it wasn't me
  12. Umm... Isn't posting his videos here without permission a violation of forum rules or plagiarism for that matter?
  13. Ok, This has probably been mentioned before but I have a problem with the solar-dish dish. Sometimes I reload the craft and the dish disappears, like when they break, Is their a fix?
  14. You can only use Iplayer in the UK, much like hulu is for the US.
  15. Your advise has been taken, I may do it weekly or every two to three weeks. In the future hopefully it will include stories and it should get longer... ...That is if anyone submits anything to the community corner.
  16. Same, or just crash it in the sea
  17. Ok, I'm still developing the page but Issue 1 is out now! Info is available here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/25717-OrbitMag-The-official-forum-for-OrbitMag?p=314050&viewfull=1#post314050
  18. Issue 1 is out now! Welcome to the official forum page for the OrbitMag magazine. Because this page is still being develooped things may change. However I am pleased to announce that Issue 1 of ObitMag is available here: http://issuu.com/orbitmag/docs/orbitmagissue1 If you want to send anything to us please do. The email address is: [email protected] and mark your subject line as "I don't like the forums" The Signature: Add this to your signature: http://i.imgur.com/rIw6OAA.png I hope you enjoy it Boyercam
  19. If someone could make an LPA calculator, It\'s relay tedious when you have to do the same flight twice!
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