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  1. @JadeOfMaar Ok, thanks for your advices ! I didn't know about Kerbal Galaxy Revamped, so yeah, might choose another name.
  2. Hi everyone ! I've decided to make a planets/systems pack that woul add kerbalized version of actual exoplanets and their stars, systems and maybe other celestials bodies (such as J1407B, Gliese 436 or HD 189733B). But I don't really have an idea for the name. I was thinking about "Kerbalized Galaxy", what do you think of it ? Let me know if you have any idea for my mod name ! I hope you'll be creative !
  3. Hi everyone ! Since a few days I'm thinking about creating a planets/systems pack for KSP. It would recreate a Kerbalized version of a lot of knowned exoplanet (such as HD 189733B, J1407B, or Gliese 436B) and their stars, and maybe even a blackhole or a pulsar (probably not). So of course I went to Goo- I asked ChatGPT. From what I found on Google and what Lil AI said, it's pretty hard, I would need to learn C#, install and learn basics of Unity Engine, and make my mod, right ? But now I have some questions ! Do you have any good tutorials of how I can make this ? If not, any good way to learn ? Should I make it for KSP 1 or 2 ? Answered. I'll make it on KSP 1 for now. Ideas of which simple planets I could start with ? (must be real) Ideas for the mod name ? New question : Which IDE should I use ? PyCharm , VS Code, Rider, another one ? If I've made any mistake or I said something wrong, you can tell me, feedbacks are welcome !
  4. Hi ! Here is the problem : I've recently decided to install the KSS:GU Edition mod for KSP 1.12.3. I've installed all GU system and extensions and the KSS mod correctly (I think, and I hope), but when I load a new game, it load the classic Kerbol System, not the one of the mod. Also, I don't have an option to choosse which system I want to use when creating a world. Do you have an idea of why this happens to me ?
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