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  1. But the question is, should we update preexisting pages with KSP 2 information? Could there be a infobox that states what game the information applies to? So many questions to answer,
  2. Tried to land on the moon, failed because my gravity turn decided to stop caring about the fact that the only key I was pressing was D.
  3. Same, although for me, I changed it to dark dark mode. Were you by any chance opening the website on a mobile device?
  4. I just realized something KSP 2 should add, So in the game, there’s a part manager, instead of right clicking the parts, you use a part manager. They could add the ability to nickname parts, and the nicknames would show in the part manager.
  5. 1 post equals 1 meter per second of speed for the Hype Train.
  6. 4,998 M/S per second, at this speed it would take about 40 minutes to get from Kerbin to the Mun (12 mega meter semi-major axis), or to get from Earth to the Moon, it would take about 21.3 hours!
  7. With all the new hype, I half expect that we’ll reach 220 pages in the next 24 hours!
  8. My plan is to just buy it and hope my PC won’t explode. If it doesn’t explode, great, I’ll fine-tune the settings until I find something that’s right for me. If it does, time to get a new PC that meets the recommended specs. At least if it explodes, I’ll have a good reason to upgrade it.
  9. Congratulations on getting staff pick, nice to see it on the home page now!
  10. Well at least I know it requires an operating system to run it! Unfortunately, my new setup was a lemon battery for KSP2 as I know it’s pretty demanding.
  11. The docking port on the front is probably a 0.625m docking port.
  12. Nice to see that the KSP2 devs have invented real life time warp.
  13. Now Jeb looks even better! His hair looks so cool with the triangle piece thingies(sorry I don’t speak LEGO) Also congrats on 771 supporters at the time this was posted!
  14. In the realm of the Kerbal and the kraken, Nothing can be explained scientifically.
  15. Remember, the game only is releasing in Early Access, hopefully the developers would overhaul the graphics in later updates. If not, there’s probably going to be a billion visual mods that do what you’re looking for.
  16. This is just a question I had. Would KSP 2 have only planets designed by the developers, or would it also have procedurally generated planets?
  17. Calling 911 on accident because you accidentally butt-dialed them.
  18. Where did you get the info at the bottom of the screen?
  19. I really how you made your Lego build to look like the loading screen image. If this doesn’t become a LEGO set then I’m going to be very disappointed.
  20. I crashed a plane into the Island Airfield building, because I decided to try and land using cockpit view only. Good times.
  21. The updates were simply going back in time. How could we not have noticed all along?
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