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  1. The bug is persistent @Anth12 , so i made a video just now, does not matter how many times i try, almost identical result each time. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1em-UeV77q8NfPKvOEsMwbUfFjH4w34hB?usp=sharing
  2. Reported Version: v0.1.3 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Win 10 | CPU: i7-10700K 3.80GHz | GPU: 2060S | RAM: 64GB 3600MHz I take flight, i reach space, i fly at 90 degree following horizon, then poof. Also as i detach the final stage the pilot is no longer able to control the ship at all without me using keys (SAS dead), and i have to manually engage the thruster despite having a stage for it. Once the ship goes poof, it just keeps on accelerating until the game crashes it suddenly, if the game had not destroyed/crashed the ship i would had left the solar system and reached Alpha Centauri for sure. Anyhow as it stands it's a game breaking issue that does not seem to been fixed at all. And as such i am still after MONTHS, unable to even reach a basic orbit, just fix it already.... Included Attachments:
  3. Previously on KSP2 I made a basic ship and it consistently got destroyed for no reason, i gave up after 3 failed attempts. Then a few weeks later i try again with the same ship, this time the ship works fine but i end up seeing this same debrie field pass by me at the same distance almost 10x before getting into stable orbit. We all know the probability of lightning hitting the same spot twice, its does not even remotely work that way with rockets, there is no way that a destroyed ship in sub-orbit can be almost collided with multiple times before reaching orbit. Also after the flight i reverted to VAB and checked the tracking station. Unless KSP2 has no concept of space debrie tracking (something that might prove fatal), apparently what i saw was a ghost. Anyhow i am guessing that if i was to launch a larger rocket that it will most likely crash into this and be destroyed potentially causing more debrie and eventually making the game not playable at all. Please fix before it's to late...
  4. Fairly obvious what is going on here, I am in a low orbit to the Mun (bellow 10km), and this happens within a second at normal speed and just keeps going. Your going to have to replace this with a upper & lower threshold setup for changing the mode. Or use a cooldown to prevent this mode being spammed and messaged like this. Single point thresholding with no cooldowns is not the way to go as this will effectively flood out any relevant messages and confuse the player regardless what. If i remember correctly this was avoided in KSP 1 by having a definitive orbit height measured from the planets center of mass/core, but it was possible to make this spam happen if you tried to intentionally. This tho happens by default regardless what the pilot does.
  5. So i tried playing KSP 2, made a basic rocket, boosters, disposable fuel tanks, 2 stage engines, in order to reach a simple orbit for the first time. So first flight, failed to control the rocket into space and crashed into the ocean (the controls had changed this much). Second try, i get into space, dispose of the launch engine, run the VAC engine for less than a minute and then "POOF" entire ship falls into pieces instantly with my camera view getting scuffed. Third try, same result as second. Maybe i only have 900 hours playing this, but traveling from Kerbal to the Mun orbiting both and then come back is routine for me. There is no reason to why a basic ship like this should fail to work! KSP1 was more stable than this on initial release with 40 parts whobbling around. In addition it took me 5 min to figure out how to check how much fuel is still remaining in a tank, this fairly proves that the entire interface has been changed to the point where it has nothing in common with KSP1 any more. It's plain as daylight that this game is not even remotely close to completed, i question this having even been Alpha tested... And i only see a few specklike details that can even be considered "improvements" compared to KSP1, the rest of it is utterly sub-par and just makes me wana not recomend KSP2 at all and just tell people to ignore it and play/buy KSP1 instead as KSP2 is currently a downgrade for sure. What the heck happened, was the entire staff sacked, replaced and asked to remake it all with no source code from KSP1 available? I am utterly dissapointed, i am a programmer, i know it aint easy, but this is not a early release, this is clearly a skipped early Beta test that we paying money for, at least make it possible for people to try enjoy it instead of forcing them to ask for a refund...
  6. I crashed/exploded without having anything within 90km from me while in space with only a small thruster, fuel tank and command pod, this is happening to me consistently and makes it impossible for me to ever reach a orbit...
  7. Once i am 70km above the ocean, and try to accellerate into orbit, the ship disintegrate after the engine being turned on for less than a minute, we talking about one engine, one fuel tank and one command pod with parashute on top suddenly splitting every single part attached. KSP1 was more stable than this on launch with 40 parts whobbling around...
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