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  1. Multiple entries in the Physical Characteristics / Orbital Characteristics are wrong - not just gravity and circumference. Siderial Period should probably be in seconds, not m/s. atmosphere should probably be 1 atm, or a pressure value. Would be good to see the LAN and Argument of Perigee also for the orbit. Along with all the same orbit details for any vessels
  2. I found the added extra functionality of the manoeuvre nodes from the latest round of updates for KSP1 much more usable than the ksp2 way. Not being able to enter values for the prograde, radial etc is a real bind. I like to do a few pre-calcs manually to calc the required deltav, not possible with the new system. Also - I can't figure out how/if it's possible to advance the eta by an entire orbit time value, so again can plan manoeuvres way ahead of time and move on to something else. I also find the burn timers very wrong, and no matter what i do - the final tick is never satisfied. For some deep space adjustments decimal values of deltav are often needed, again this is very tricky with the drag drop recheck the periapsis. Overall - i do get the idea of having the node indiciate the burn start - but that does mean the prograde vector is wrong over a long burn (or a short one for that matter), and i'm unclear whether when moving the node the actual vector direction also changes to prograde of the point (or whichever of the arrows have been dragged) - mathematically - both things need to play together - if the intention is to indicate the position of the burn - the vector needs to be the midpoint equivalent of the burn (ie - 1min burn time - direction of a point 30seconds ahead of the node on the original orbit), that way everything should work out to end up with what would be expected, otherwise the direction would be wrong for the deltav vector. Unless that's already taken into account - but from my testing it doesn't seem to be.
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