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  1. I keep seeing timewarp as a reason against co-op play.

    Well I played Elite:Dangerous extensively and it had supercruise which is a similar thing. You could see other players in supercruise as some sort of bright blob. Not saying this it how it will work but the problem isn't surmountable.

    That said I'll mainly do SP, MP for when I feel like it.

  2. On 3/17/2023 at 8:39 PM, Majorjim! said:

    What performance changes did they make? Seems it was only to lower settings and to multiple engine firing. Where exactly are you seeing FPS gains?

    When exactly are you getting 2 times the performance? 

    Better late than never. First a disclaimer, as others have mentioned I'm not as yet building complex crafts. But like for like pretty much everywhere. On the ground around KSP, in the air and in space. I've not seen the jitteryness that others have mentioned.

    On low settings mind you, I may try to raise them after work.

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